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About Annandale

From holiday houses to bed & breakfast accommodation, you'll find great accommodation for your stay in Annandale!

With great bargain accommodation packages on offer, you can book your perfect accommodation in the Annandale area of Sydney in NSW now!

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Activities in Annandale

  • Perfect Pasta Cooking Class - Sydney

    If you love food and cooking then this pasta cooking class in Sydney is perfect for you! You'll learn all about pasta, cook a delicious meal and take home some new and exciting recipe ideas. This pasta cooking class is a great way to gain confidence in the kitchen and master a new style.

  • 4-hour Sydney Authentic Italian Cooking Class

    Sydney Weekender has classified this Italian cooking class as 'One of the best places in the world to learn how to cook authentic Italian'. So why not relax after a long day and learn how to cook Italian whilst enjoying a glass of wine surrounded by people who share similar interests?

  • Delicious Desserts Cooking Class - Sydney

    This hands-on, demonstrative cooking class is an introduction to everything that you want to know about making amazing desserts. This class will show just how easy and satisfying it is to make your own desserts from scratch!

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