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Activities in Brighton

  • Masala Trails - Spice Factory

    Spice Factory - Indian Home Cooking 3 Course meal with over 5 items on the menu.* Join us for a class on Indian Home cooking, specifically the Thali meal. The Indian Thali is not just a meal or a plate; it is, in fact, a tradition.

  • 3-hour Traditional Japanese Cooking Lesson

    When Japanese people are ready to eat, they say "Itadakimasu" - meaning "I am now starting to eat".In Japanese home-style cooking, a lot of fresh, seasonal fish and vegetables are cooked and people enjoy the natural cycle of the seasons.

  • 3-hour Vietnamese Cooking Lesson

    Vy's classes are fun, involved and by the end of the class you will go away with helpful hints and tips, some wonderful knowledge of Vietnamese culture and best of all a full tummy!

  • 3.5-hour Traditional Sri Lankan Cooking Lesson

    Be enticed with the glorious aromas and flavours of Sri Lanka as you learn, cook and eat traditional meals that are shared in homes every day. The aromatic roasted spices,flavoursome herbs and the combinations of these used in creating mouth watering dishes will leave your taste buds asking for more

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