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Stayz has a great variety of holiday accommodation properties in Guilderton Mid West, including holiday rental houses, holiday rental homes and more.

Many properties in Guilderton offer great discount accommodation packages to ensure that you enjoy your perfect holiday!

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Activities in Guilderton

  • 2 Hours Neergabby Horse Ride Advanced -WA

    Our Hill Ride is offered to those riders who have a ridden a few trail rides and are looking for a little bit more on their ride. You'll enjoy a few good trots and the opportunity to try a couple of canters! The perfect opportunity to improve your riding in the most spectacular surroundings!

  • 90-minute Moore River Eco Horse Ride, WA

    Explore the beauty of the Moore River, enjoying the abundant flora and fauna. Indulge in the crisp, clear waters of the Moore River. This ride is perfect for all riders, from beginners to experienced riders, to enjoy the unspoilt beauty of the area!

  • 3 Hour Moore Horse Ride River Heritage- WA

    Explore the historic Old North Road Stock Route as the stockmen did ... on horseback! The Stock Route runs north and south of the Junction Bridge and the Junction Inn. This ride, for fitter experienced riders, will explore this amazing part of Western Australian history!

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