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About Gosford

From cottages to holiday homes, you'll find great accommodation for your stay in Gosford!

If you're looking for accommodation online in Central Coast NSW, look no further!

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Activities in Gosford

  • Kayak Tour Half Day - Mooney Mooney Creek

    This area is characterised by the F3 Overpass bridge and the peaceful upper reaches of Flood and Piles Creeks. Marvel at the engineering of the bridge and then float away by kayak with the serenity and sheer beauty of this location.

  • Learn to Kayak

    Have you ever wanted to learn how to paddle? We can teach you all you need to know to safely paddle a sea kayak, including rescue techniques, basic strokes, the theory of paddling and planning your day. An essential course for anyone who paddles or wants to learn.

  • Full Day Central Coast Four Island Cruise Tour

    From the decks of the MV Lady Kendall, cruise the waterways of the Central Coast , viewing Palm Beach, Pittwater, and the Hawkesbury River. Onboard, enjoy a delicious morning tea and lunch and afternoon tea.

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