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About Palm Cove

Palm Cove: Come Relax Under the Palm Trees

Palm Cove is a small beachside community in the far north of Queensland. The destination boasts a year-round population of less than 1,500 people, though the tourism industry in the town is strong, and there are thousands of visitors each year. Cairns is the closest major metropolitan area to Palm Cove, as it is set just south of the town. With endless stretches of unspoiled golden sand, turquoise waters teeming with marine life and a backdrop of rainforest and mountains, Palm Cove is a tranquil getaway that is the ideal location for relaxation. Self-contained holiday apartments and rental homes abound, and this allows every holiday maker to call Palm Cove their home away from home.

Visit Palm Cove Beach

Filled with rich, golden sand, Palm Cove Beach is the place to be while visiting this holiday destination. While the depth of the beach is short, the sands stretch a great length, which makes Palm Cove Beach the perfect location for a romantic sunrise or sunset stroll. Designated swimming areas allow those with children and novice swimmers to feel at ease, and outside the swimming area, the expansive surf provides an unbeatable surfing experience. Before you leave, pick a spot up on the shore under one of the many palm trees, and have a picnic. There are numerous restaurants and cafes around the beach, most of which provide fantastic takeout options. As you dine, watch the waters closely; you may catch a glimpse of a saltwater croc or a swarm of box jellyfish.

Tons of Outdoor Activity

While this quiet beach town offers a relaxing setting, Palm Cove is anything but boring. Do not forget to bring your pole along when you head to the beach, as the town's jetty is nearby and offers a great fishing destination. Further out into the water, sea kayaking, sailing, cruising and deep-sea fishing are fun activities. If you like to play on land, try horseback riding, long walks, bird watching, golfing or playing tennis. There is even an activity for those that want a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity: hot air balloon rides. Take in the lush landscape and the soothing blue water from high above as you partake in this safe and exhilarating way to see Palm Cove.

Hit the Spa

Palm Cove is known as the spa capital of Australia and includes a vast selection of comfortable spas for your relaxation and pampering. Relax your body after your long journey to Palm Cove by getting a massage. Some of the spas specialize in specific massage techniques, while others offer beachfront rooms for gorgeous water views for an extra element of relaxation. High-end pedicures, body polishing and facials are just some of the other services to enjoy during your days of relaxation at one of Palm Cove's spas. Many of the spas also offer restaurants that feature extensive menus and serve delicious food throughout the day.

Visit Some of the World's Natural Wonders

The Great Barrier Reef is located just a short boat ride off the coast of Palm Cove, and this means that all of the colourful wonder that lies just beneath the crystal-clear blue waters of the ocean are within your reach. Hire a boat tour to take your party out to the reef for the best experience. Many of the companies provide all of the snorkels, diving gear and water toys needed for fun on the reef. The small islands in the middle of the reef are a great place for families with small children to splash about, and with the high population of marine life, colourful fish and coral, there is always something to see, even from the shore.

Another great place for exploration, Daintree National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and offers an unforgettable outdoor experience. The flourishing rainforest that fills the park is a great environment for frogs, reptiles, birds, mammals and even bats and butterflies, which means there is always something to look at as you hike through. Various walking paths allow you to fully explore the rainforest, and there are tour guides available for hire.

Enjoy Palm Cove

Thanks to the wide range of activities found in and around Palm Cove, the holiday destination booms with visitors each year. Even getting to the town is hassle-free, with easy connecting flights from Brisbane to Cairns and plenty of rental vehicles and public transit options from there to Palm Cove.

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