Best destinations for a Noosa beachfront accommodation

  • Point Cartwright: Point Cartwright is an ideal destination for travellers who don't want to deal with crowds. There is a popular surf break in the area, but its main draw are the high cliffs offering spectacular views of the area. Outdoor adventurers looking for things to do in addition to the beach will find plenty of options around Point Cartwright. Local beachfront accommodation options are fairly affordable, though luxury options are also available in the area for travellers looking for a more refined experience or for those simply travelling with a lot of people.
  • Coolum Beach: Coolum Beach offers a more traditional beachfront experience that surfers will especially enjoy. It's frequently regarded as one of the best surf breaks in all of Queensland, so you won't have to go far to find satisfying waves from the shore. Of course, there are areas well suited for swimming. Also, the boardwalk is popular because it houses numerous stores and restaurants. Local accommodation options vary quite a bit, so you can find a luxury beachfront accommodation or a cheap alternative just as easily. Just remember that the closer you are to the beach, the less affordable rentals tend to be.
  • Noosa Beach: Noosa Beach is one of the most iconic destinations in the region, and for good reason. It's well-kept, sandy and packed full of opportunity for aquatic adventure. It faces north as well, so you can enjoy both the sunrise and the sunset at the beach each day. Finding a beachfront accommodation near Noosa Beach is fairly easy as well. Given the popularity of the region, however, affordability will be a bit harder to locate. Luxury is available in excess, as many of the local rentals feature high-end amenities in addition to easy access to the beach and the surrounding restaurants and shops.

Find a beachfront accommodation good for water sports

Both Noosa Main Beach and Sunshine Beach are excellent destinations for water sports, whether you're interested in surfing, boating, diving or anything else you can imagine. If you're looking to partake in some aquatic thrills, you'll need a local beachfront accommodation that can facilitate that kind of experience. Fortunately, there are plenty of rentals available that can put you just steps away from places where you can find a board or a boat. These rentals tend to be quite luxurious as well, which makes it easier to relax and recharge in between oceanic excursions. Some even feature high-end amenities like a private pool where you can get in some more aquatic activity no matter what time it is.

Explore a Noosa luxury accommodation

A Noosa luxury accommodation makes it easier than ever to enjoy the best this destination has to offer. After all, venturing through attractions like Noosa National Park can certainly be tiring, so it's helpful to have a relaxing rental to retire to at the end of each day. These accommodation options are state of the art with numerous amenities, such as integrated WiFi and a full kitchen with advanced stainless steel appliances. Luxury options can easily facilitate a holiday for the whole family because of the extent of interior space and bedding options.

Discover beachfront apartments in Noosa

Noosa is a beachfront town, and beachfront apartments are among the best ways to enjoy a holiday there. By renting an apartment, you can typically enjoy a more affordable price compared to rentals like houses while still being able to enjoy luxury amenities like a full kitchen and central heating and cooling. Some of the beachfront apartments are downright luxurious with features like a hot tub included. Beachfront apartments in particular make it easy to access the sandy shores of Noosa putting you just steps away from the water. They're also close enough that the sea air can seep through the window, providing a relaxing atmosphere by the shore.

Discover beachfront houses to rent in Noosa

Along Noosa's expansive coast, you'll find quite a few houses available to rent. Nothing offers the home-away-from-home experience quite like a house, and you'll have plenty to choose from. Many of these houses include private beach areas as well, so you can have your own little section. You may even find a pier at your disposal that's ideal for those looking to cast a fishing line or take to the water in a boat. You can find large and small houses alike, meaning there's a variety of options suitable for both families and couples.

Explore Noosa from luxury beachfront resorts

For a more luxurious experience, consider booking one of the beachfront resorts in Noosa. Resort accommodation comes packed full of high-end amenities, with some including a hot tub and a private pool. These resorts also tend to offer their own private paths to the beach, so you can enjoy the water with ease. Since comfort and aesthetics are such priorities in local resorts, a patio overlooking the water is virtually guaranteed. They're large enough for the whole family, so you don't have to leave anyone behind when booking a resort for your next Noosa holiday.

Booking beachfront apartments in Noosa, QLD

If you're looking for beachfront rentals in Noosa, you won't have to look far. Numerous apartments are available in town that will put you just steps away from the coast. These apartments come in many shapes and sizes, so you can find accommodation options suitable for entire families or lodging better suited for a couple or a solo traveller. These apartments come with a variety of different amenities, but WiFi and a full kitchen are fairly standard. With beachfront property, you can often enjoy a balcony overlooking the water where you can catch a brilliant sunrise.