Top regions in Nelson Bay for holiday houses

  • West Nelson Bay: West Nelson Bay is well known for gorgeous waterfront holiday rentals and beach accommodation. If you’re looking for water sport adventures, this is definitely the place to be. Here, you’ll find fishing, snorkelling, diving and the area’s main attractions: dolphin and whale watching. Houses for rent in Nelson Bay will give you easy access to all of these fun activities. Cyclists will also enjoy the West Nelson Bay area because of the Bartlett cycleway along the waterfront. Most holiday houses for rent in Nelson Bay are within a short walk of the beach, so you’re sure to enjoy your vacation here.
  • Tahlee: If you’re looking for a small-town holiday destination with loads of personality, Tahlee is the place for you. You can find holiday houses in this part of Nelson Bay on large parcels of land that are ideally appointed for exploration. Houses for rent here often include sports equipment, such as kayaks, that you can utilize during your visit. Relaxing decks overlooking the bay give you a private view of playful dolphin pods and brilliant sunrises. Each time you leave your holiday home in Tahlee, you will be amazed by the breathtaking ocean and nearby Tomaree National Park. Tahlee is a fascinating location with much to offer.
  • Salamander Bay: Anyone who loves shopping will have a heavenly holiday in Salamander Bay since it has the largest shopping district in the area. Holiday houses for rent in this part of Nelson Bay will also really appeal to outdoorsy visitors. The surrounding national parks and wetlands are home to many varieties of local wildlife. Wonderful holiday houses for rent in Salamander Bay are just steps from the picturesque beaches and feature any amenity you might want. If you like to swim, surf or just relax, Salamander Bay is an ideal choice. This area also offers adult-only accommodation, making for a very quiet and undisturbed romantic holiday.

Relax in a Nelson Bay house for rent with a backyard

If you enjoy gardens, then a Nelson Bay holiday house will be a fabulous choice for your vacation. You can find many lovely houses for rent in Nelson Bay that feature pretty backyards with gardens that feature flowers, greenery and herbs. Outdoor barbecues surrounded by native plants with colourful blooms are a wonderful setting for family meals and evening game time. Some backyards in Nelson Bay even offer direct access to the nearby national park, giving you even more natural beauty to savour. Holiday houses in Nelson Bay with backyard gardens often include tastefully chosen outdoor furniture, perfect for lounging or spending time together making memories.

Find holiday house rentals in Nelson Bay with private pools

When looking for ways to add fun and relaxation to your holiday, consider looking in Nelson Bay for a holiday house with a private pool. If your family or friends love the water, a swimming pool is a great addition to your trip. Being able to jump into the fresh, cool water anytime you want makes a trip even more enjoyable. Houses for rent in Nelson Bay with swimming pools can be found to fit every budget. Saltwater pools are quite common in the area and are great for children or anyone with sensitive skin and eyes. You can even find holiday houses for rent in Nelson Bay with heated pools, allowing you to swim all year round.

Unwind in cheap houses for rent in Nelson Bay

You can find a variety of cheap holiday homes to rent in Nelson Bay that will accommodate any number of travellers. Oceanfront options are available, meaning you don’t have to choose a less exciting location just to afford your holiday. Airy, open floor plans and chef’s kitchens can all be found in holiday rentals that fit your budget. The Nelson Bay area is unique in that many affordable rental homes provide linens, laundry facilities, free WiFi and other amenities, just like you would find in an expensive luxury rental. Your holiday will be just as enjoyable when you stay in a cheap holiday rental in Nelson Bay.