Best destinations for luxury escapes in Phuket

  • Chalong: Chalong may be located on the shore, but there aren't too many beaches in the area. Instead, the waters are mainly utilized by boaters with many boat tours available by the port. You can even see sailing races here at times looking out from the 720-metre long jetty. There's plenty to do in town since Chalong is often used as an entry point into Phuket by maritime travellers. In addition to the customs, harbour master and immigration combo centre, you'll find restaurants, shops and information kiosks. Several local rentals are budget-friendly despite being considered Phuket luxury accommodation so you can fully enjoy your holiday.
  • Karon: Karon is the third-longest beach on the island, and it's one of the most popular. Despite that popularity, Karon is notably wide giving each visitor plenty of room to spread out. The city centre by the beach is filled with exciting attractions including restaurants, shopping opportunities and even a sprawling nightlife scene. Additionally, the local Buddhist temple hosts a bi-weekly market you can visit. Luxury escapes in Phuket are quite varied, so you can find some that prioritize luxury experiences and others that are a bit more affordable.
  • Rawai: Rawai is a beach that initially gained popularity as a destination for locals to spend some time out of town. Today, Rawai is primarily used as a port beach where travellers can embark on boat excursions to the surrounding islands for the day. If you're looking for a more comprehensive holiday experience in Phuket, this is the perfect destination to book your stay. Given the fact that many travellers use Rawai as a resting point more than a destination to spend the entire holiday, there are numerous luxury escapes in Phuket nearby that are relatively affordable.

Explore a luxury beachfront villa in Phuket

If you're planning to book a beachfront villa in Phuket, luxury features are virtually unavoidable. The closer you get to the shore, the more opulent the villa rentals tend to be. The luxury amenities are extensive as you can expect to find spacious rooms with plenty of bedding for the whole family, and many of these high-end villas are also home to private gardens and even hot tubs in some areas. Additionally, luxury villas are typically found close to some of the top attractions like the scenic Rang Hill viewpoint and the Old Phuket Town Centre, so you'll have convenient access from your accommodation.

Find Phuket luxury accommodation by the beach

There's no shortage of Phuket luxury accommodation options, but if you want to take your holiday to the next level, consider booking your stay by the beach. The shores of Phuket are breathtakingly pristine with shining blue waters and soft white beaches. When you book by the beach, not only will the shoreline itself be easy to access, but the relaxing sounds of waves can lull you to sleep every night while the crisp sea air surrounds you in the morning. These luxury accommodation options tend to be less affordable than their inland counterparts, but you can still find some options by the beach that are a bit more budget-friendly.

Explore the best luxury resorts in Phuket

Luxury resorts in Phuket are plentiful, so you'll have no problem finding one suitable for your desired holiday experience. These resorts are full of high-end amenities that the whole family can enjoy such as extended bedroom options with spacious rooms and opulent touches throughout the accommodation. Inside the rental, you'll also find a full kitchen with state-of-the-art appliances to truly make it feel like another an exotic home away from home. Additionally, you can potentially enjoy a private hot tub to relax in between excursions to Thalang Road or Old Phuket Town.

Get private in Mueang Phuket District luxury apartments

For those who want even more privacy away from the noise of daily life, a luxury apartment can be the ideal accommodation. Enjoy the best in updated furnishings with fully stocked kitchens that let you self-cater meals. Stay connected with always-on WiFi and enjoy your latest shows with streaming services. Meanwhile, you’ll have plenty of space to lounge and relax, as well as access to full amenities, including laundry facilities, swimming pools, workout rooms and more for a private, relaxed and even romantic trip to Thailand that you’ll never forget, whether it’s a romantic retreat for 2 or a family holiday.

Try Phuket, Mueang Phuket District luxury resorts

A trip to exotic Thailand should include all the pampering you desire, and for that, you’ll want to try a luxury resort accommodation. Resorts are an outstanding option for your travel experience because they offer everything you want, all in one package. They not only simplify your planning, but they also offer amenities and extras such as spa facilities, restaurants, pools and hot tubs, social events and even onsite business centres. Relieve the pressures of daily life and be secluded in a luxurious experience where all your needs are covered by attentive staff in breathtaking surroundings.