Top regions for Koh Samui resorts

  • Mae Nam Beach: For a quiet, relaxing beach holiday, Mae Nam Beach is a great spot. The golden sands of Mae Nam stretch along the calm waters of the Gulf of Thailand. In fact, there is a lot more sand than there are people on this beach. In this part of Koh Samui, resorts are found all along the waterfront, catering to the happiness and well-being of their guests. Modern design coupled with traditional Siamese furnishings makes for a lovely aesthetic in Koh Samui luxury resorts at Mae Nam. You can even find resorts that cater to adult guests only, which are ideal for romantic retreats.
  • Chaweng Beach: Koh Samui beach resorts at Chaweng Beach are sure to be lively and popular. This is the largest beach at Koh Samui, with sugary white sand and turquoise waters, while a coral reef just offshore helps ensure calmer water for swimmers. Vendors spend a lot of time here, selling cold drinks, ice cream and souvenirs to beachgoers. You’ll find some of the best resorts in Koh Samui here at Chaweng as it is quite a popular destination. Resorts feature any amenity you might want and are mere steps from the local club and bar scene. Chaweng is also the central base for many scuba diving adventures, so there are plenty of local dive shops in the area.

Cheap Koh Samui family resorts

You can find quite a few family-friendly resorts in Koh Samui and many of them are very affordable. Koh Samui family resorts offer lots of different family-oriented amenities like water fountains you can play in or free onsite activities. Children’s clubs are common at family-friendly resorts in Koh Samui; these are spaces designed specifically to entertain kids with playgrounds, toys, games and movie nights. Be sure to sign your kids up for your resort’s arts and crafts activities or Thai dance classes. Several resorts offer discounts for large groups if you’re travelling with a bigger family, which makes a stay more affordable. If your kids are picky eaters, you’ll enjoy a resort with several restaurants or one that is within walking distance of the Fisherman’s Village with its many food options.

Try a Koh Samui resort with a garden

For an extra special holiday experience, a Koh Samui resort with a garden is a must. Thailand’s gardens are known for their intricate designs and abundant greenery so any resort with a garden is sure to be a delightful place to stay. A resort room overlooking the garden is the perfect place to relax. Butterfly gardens are very popular here and Koh Samui resorts have taken advantage of how easy it is to attract these fluttering beauties. The garden at your resort will provide you with a place to play or perhaps to practice outdoor yoga. Some resorts even have vegetable and herb gardens that provide local produce for their kitchens. Choosing a Koh Samui resort with a garden will give your holiday an enchanting feel.

Koh Samui resorts with swimming pools

The best resorts in Koh Samui feature exquisite swimming pools of every variety. Some resorts even have multiple pools for guests to enjoy. For a romantic getaway, choosing a resort with a rooftop pool adds a bit of luxury to your holiday. You can even find resorts with villas that each have their own small infinity pools, overlooking the busy beaches and transporting you to your own little world. Soaking tubs, plunge pools and lap pools are also common for the more athletically-inclined guests. No matter what type of pool you might enjoy, you can find it in Koh Samui’s resorts. Choosing a Koh Samui resort with a swimming pool adds options and flexibility to your holiday.