Taste the good life of this pristine wine and food region from Rutherglen accommodation

If you're looking for a holiday filled with gourmet cuisine and exquisite wine, there are few options quite like Rutherglen. This premier wine region is Victoria's pride and joy offering world-class experiences to anyone booking local accommodation. You can bring the whole family along on the trip as the wine and food is just the beginning of what you'll find throughout the area. The weather is also comfortable all year long, so there aren't any barriers to enjoying everything Rutherglen has to offer.

Where to book your Rutherglen accommodation

Given the sheer variety of experiences available in Rutherglen, it's important that you book your accommodation accordingly. Are you interested in touring one of the local wineries or are you more interested in the scenic outdoor adventure you'll find throughout the area's biking trails? There's even a fishing lake in town that can draw in travellers looking for more aquatic adventures. Whatever your preferences are, you can always count on a quality letting being available that suits your desired holiday experience.

Booking a winery accommodation

If you're visiting Rutherglen for the wine, then it only makes sense that you book accommodation near one of the local wineries in the area. This town has even gone out of its way to make exploring the local vineyards easier than ever. At the visitor's centre, you'll find the Rutherglen Wine Experience. At this facility, you can learn all about the surrounding wineries as well as try some samples, so you can narrow down your journey if you don't want to visit them all. Fortified wines are the region's specialty, but you'll find a wide variety in the area. The accompanying winery accommodation options are also diverse with small and spacious options available in equal measure. Just about all of them will have quality amenities like a full kitchen and central heating and cooling. Since many are on the outskirts of town, you'll find larger yards as well as samples of local wines being included in your booking.

Finding an accommodation by natural features

Since Rutherglen is primarily a wine region, you can expect to find scenic landscapes in virtually every direction, and the town has taken full advantage by crafting numerous walking trails and cycling paths through the bush. Rutherglen Park is especially popular as it contains a lake perfect for fishing and rafting. Booking a holiday home by the area's natural features will connect you more intimately with the surrounding nature. They tend to have large patios and balconies where you can take in the environment without ever leaving the property. Some rentals even have land of their own, and it's not uncommon for some of the local wildlife to visit.

Top picks for Rutherglen accommodation

When you're looking for quality accommodation, it's important to start your search the right way. That means arming yourself with knowledge before diving into the options. The best way to do that is to look through the most popular rentals in the area so that you can at least get an idea of what amenities and features are common for the area.

Historic accommodation

For a bit of added historical flair to your holiday experience, this bed and breakfast is the perfect choice. It's situated within what was once a historic pub dating back to the mid-19th century. There's just a single bedroom with a king-size bed and pullout sofa, so it's best used as a couple's retreat or for a small family. It's located just a short walk from the city centre, so shops and restaurants are all well within reach. Despite its age, you'll find modern amenities inside like a full kitchen, free WiFi and central heating and cooling.

Rutherglen winery accommodation house

If you're travelling with a large group, this massive winery house has more than enough space. With its 4 bedrooms, there's room enough for 10 people to sleep comfortably. Given its location, you also have easy access to surrounding wineries as well as Rutherglen's city centre area. Outside, you'll have access to a large covered pergola with a barbie and enough tables for everyone.