Explore South Australia's cosmopolitan capital

Adelaide is the capital of South Australia. It's also a cosmopolitan centre of culture in the region. It's known for its art galleries, museums, upscale and boutique shopping experiences and its wealth of great restaurants celebrating the culinary traditions of the region. There are attractions here to fit just about any need, including rental properties for travellers on a budget. From outdoor attractions to takeaway street foods, cheap accommodation in Adelaide offers easy access to a whole world of fun and excitement the entire family can enjoy.

Family fun abounds for education, beauty and shopping

Adelaide has attractions to offer just about everyone, and it can make a great option for the family on a budget holiday. Here you can find options for education and entertainment, natural beauty and even shopping experiences with local handicrafts sold by the artisans who made them. From enjoying some indoor swimming at the Adelaide Aquatic Centre to enjoying exotic flowers and plant life at the Adelaide Botanic Gardens, to shopping at the Central Market, there's something here to help you create memories to last a lifetime.

Enjoy some indoor swimming at the Adelaide Aquatic Centre

The Adelaide Aquatic Centre is an indoor complex containing a number of heated swimming pools, the centrepiece of which is a 50-metre Olympic-sized pool. Adjacent to this is a smaller 33-metre pool that's used for water sports like canoe polo, diving, water polo, aquatic aerobics and even underwater hockey games. Raised seating is available for spectators to watch competitions. There's a children's 'Octopool', 2 water slides, spa facilities and more. It's not free to enter, but it's certainly a budget-friendly attraction that the whole family can enjoy for an afternoon of fun in the water.

Discover exotic flora at the Adelaide Botanic Gardens

Just a few minutes from your budget accommodation in Adelaide city centre, the Adelaide Botanic Gardens cover 51 hectares of space and are immaculately maintained, featuring a wide variety of plant life that represents both local and exotic plants. You can take long strolls along garden paths lined by colourful flowers, while viewing the historic buildings on the site, including the Santos Museum of Economic Botany and the Goodman Building and State Herbarium. Some of the most notable displays are the Wollemi pine tree, the Palm House, International Rose Garden and Bicentennial Conservatory.

Do some boutique shopping at the Adelaide Central Market

If boutique and local shopping are your passion, the Adelaide Central Market is the best place to go to experience all the sights, sounds and smells of the city of Adelaide. It's completely free to get in, and you can find fresh local produce as well as prepared food, premium meats, organic fruit and more. You'll also find some of the most frequented eateries and cafes in the city within the market. Not only will you find food vendors here, but the Central Market Arcade houses more than 60 specialty local shops selling all manner of handicrafts sold by local artisans.

Historic culture near cheap accommodation in Adelaide

Adelaide also offers a wide range of historic and educational attractions that represent the legacy of the region, including the development of its art and culture. South Australia is a major wine country, and the National Wine Centre offers tastings and education about the history of winemaking. The Victoria Square city park is surrounded by historic buildings, statuary and fountains. The State Library of South Australia has stood since 1860. Rundle Mall is the first pedestrian street mall in Australia. All of these and others are near your budget-friendly accommodation in Adelaide.

Explore natural heritage at the South Australian Museum

If you're interested in the history of the region, the South Australian Museum is a must-visit attraction. It was first founded in 1856 and traces the natural history of the state, and spearheads historic, anthropological and archaeological research. Collections include exhibits on ancient Egypt, Australian indigenous culture, fossils, minerals and meteorites, sea life, world mammals and many more. It also maintains an extensive collection of Australian indigenous cultural artefacts, among the most significant in the world. It's an affordable, exciting and educational journey for families visiting Adelaide.

If art and art history excites you, you can find cheap accommodation in Adelaide just a few blocks from the Art Gallery of South Australia. The gallery was originally established in 1881 as the National Gallery of South Australia and contains some of the most significant visual arts displays in the nation. It features a vast collection of Australian art, including Australian indigenous and colonial art dating to as early as 1800. It also showcases a range of international artworks, including European landscape paintings, pre-Raphaelite works and even sculpture by such notable artisans as Rodin.