Home to art, culture and beaches, New South Wales has everything a traveller could want or need. Thriving cities and lush landscapes await you in this world-class holiday, but that doesn't mean you have to pay world-class prices. There are tons of opportunities for couples and families travelling on a budget to enjoy NSW adventures.

Cities To See On Your Cheap New South Wales Holiday

The two largest cities in New South Wales are Sydney and Newcastle. In Sydney you can see the icons of Australia known around the world, such as the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge. Visit Bondi Beach to take in some sun and surf or visit the birthplace of Sydney, The Rocks. At The Rocks, visitors have their choice shopping, dining, bars and a variety of tours at unbelievable prices.

Visit all three beaches of Newcastle on a leisurely stroll down Bathers Way. Here you can see surfers, stunning cliffs, rock pools and heritage sites. Or, take Newcastle East Heritage Walk for a glimpse of everything from the coastline to points of interest in Newcastle's industrial legacy. Shopping, dining and a visit to Newcastle Art Gallery are other popular things to do in Newcastle. All of these attractions are affordable and family friendly.

Adventures To Enjoy In New South Wales

Don't miss the Treetop Adventure Park in Minmi where kids of all ages can frolic above the trees in 96 different challenging slides and suspended bridges of different heights. Treetop Adventure Park is one of many things to do in Blue Gum Hills Regional Park.

At Dolphin Marine Magic in Coffs Harbour, get to know the dolphins, seals and other wonderful sea life face to face. And be sure to greet the land animals at Taronga Western Plains Zoo, home to over 600 animals from all over the world. This is one of the highest rated open range zoos in Australia.

National Parks To Visit On Your Cheap New South Wales Holiday

New South Wales is also home to two of Australia's grandest national parks, Perry Sandhills and Kinchega national Park. See some of the most interesting land formations in the country at Perry Sandhills, where sand dunes have lured people for thousands of years with their secrets. Perry Sandhills is a mere six kilometers from Wentworth.

At Kinchega National Park, see the beautiful Menindee Lakes nestled along the Darling River. The Minindee Lakes area is home to a host of waterfowl, including ducks, black swan, wedge-tail eagles and herons. Other wildlife to visit here are the egrets, emus, cormorants and goannas.

Accommodation For Your Cheap New South Wales Holiday

During your visit, you'll need somewhere cozy and affordable to relax from one adventure and prepare for the next. Holiday rentals are the ideal way to make the most out of a budget-friendly trip. Fix meals for less than the cost of eating out in the furnished kitchen. Make the most out of a tight budget with room to relax in a 1-bedroom to 4-bedroom home and not a cramped hotel. Each holiday rental has its own amenities and personality, and there's one located near whatever North South Wales adventure you choose to take.