"Nostalgia Tourism" set to boom this summer

4 in 5 Aussies look to recreate memories at sentimental holiday destinations

A new survey out today has revealed: 

  • 80 per cent of Australians have revisited (or want to revisit) a holiday location for sentimental reasons 

  • Three-quarters of all respondents (73 per cent) said a family holiday was one of their favourite childhood memories

  • Proving Aussie culture is as strong as ever, BBQs are more important to travellers than private pools 

  • Holiday rentals are now the most popular accommodation choice for Aussies (68 per cent vs. 64 per cent for hotels) and the location for our most memorable holidays (40 per cent vs. 15 per cent for hotels)

  • Surprisingly, millennials are driving this trend over Baby Boomers and Gen X with 84 per cent wanting to relive nostalgic holiday memories 

  • 44 per cent use holidays to digitally detox - highest among millennials (51 per cent vs. an average of 35 per cent for other age groups) and women (48 per cent vs. 39 per cent of men)

SYDNEY, 15 November, 2018: Australian travellers are preparing for a season of memory making with nostalgia tourism becoming an increasingly popular trend this summer according to a new report from HomeAway, the new home of Stayz. A national study out today has revealed one in two (55 per cent) have revisited a holiday location in an attempt to recreate past memories and an additional 25 per cent would like to do this in the future.

The HomeAway 2018 Holiday Report surveyed* 1,250 Australians aged 18+ nationwide on their attitudes and behaviours towards holidays, with nostalgia revealed as a key driver for travellers looking to recreate holiday experiences with family and friends this summer. Four in ten (40 per cent) have been taken on a nostalgia trip by a parent, partner or friend with the same number (38 per cent) saying they’d be happy to go in the future.                                                 Millennials are said to be driving this trend with this group being more likely than any other demographic to want to recreate holiday memories (84 per cent vs. an average of 77 per cent for other age groups). A sentimental bunch, 75 per cent of millennials also rated a family holiday as one of their favourite childhood memories over a birthday party or the arrival of a sibling (versus an average for other age groups of 72 per cent). 

More than eight in ten Aussies (84 per cent) said their favourite holiday overall had been with family and one in two had tried to recreate similarly strong holiday memories for loved ones. 

“Although new and exciting locations are still popular with travellers, it’s an interesting trend to see the number of Aussies taking nostalgic-related trips,” said Simone McDermid, HomeAway PR & Communications Manager. “Holiday rentals have always played a key role in the way Aussies holiday so it’s no surprise that we’re now the top accommodation choice in light of this trend to help create new memories for a new generation of Aussie families.”

A time to digitally detox In an increasingly fast-paced world, holidays have become a vital avenue to digitally detox and reconnect with family and friends. Seven in ten use holidays to socialise and bond with loved ones, with 53 per cent saying they “feel most connected to friends and family on holiday compared to any other occasion throughout the year.” 

Nearly half (44 per cent) use holidays to ‘digitally detox’ with women more likely to do this than men (48 per cent vs. 39 per cent) and millennials the most likely of all demographics (51 per cent vs. an average of 35 per cent for other age groups).

Holiday rentals more popular than hotels this summer Holiday rentals are now the top choice for Aussie travellers with respondents most likely to stay in a rental than any other form of accommodation over the summer. Amongst the 83 per cent of Australians who have stayed in a holiday rental, the most popular reason for doing so was for a family holiday (76 per cent). Our most memorable holidays are also most likely to have taken place in a holiday rental than a hotel (40 per cent vs 15 per cent). 

Space to relax on your own and not being restricted to eating at specific times were cited as some of the top benefits of a holiday rental over a hotel, with 38 per cent also saying the additional space resulted in fewer arguments. 

Views and BBQs beat pools  Seven in ten (68 per cent) said their favourite holiday featured all their home comforts, with a fully equipped laundry and BBQ area rated more important in a holiday rental than a private pool! Great views and a large bathroom topped the list, closely followed by a big kitchen (to cook meals with family and friends) and multiple bedrooms. 

Late nights with loved ones Sitting out on the deck chatting till the early hours of the morning (54 per cent), playing in the pool all day (45 per cent), relaxing in the hot tub with loved ones (35 per cent) and playing backyard cricket (25 per cent) were some of the favourite  holiday rental pursuits. 

For more information about the HomeAway Holiday Report and inspo for your upcoming Summer holiday go to http://bit.ly/HomeAwayAUSummer 

* The nationally representative survey of 1,250 Australians was conducted by APD in October 2018.  

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