New Holiday Rental Code of Conduct Comes Into Force From Today

The NSW Government’s Code of Conduct places new obligations on all owners and managers of short-term rental accommodation, as well as guests. These obligations include provisions to ensure good behaviour, minimise disturbances and implement the new strikes-based disciplinary regime.

The new code of conduct was designed to be introduced in tandem with a registration scheme for all listings and statewide planning rules for holiday rentals, however the NSW Government has failed to deliver these important regulations.

Stayz Corporate Affairs Director, Eacham Curry said that while the new short-term rental code of conduct was a well-balanced set of rules for the holiday rental sector, it lacks a register of all listings that would guarantee compliance with the tough new rules.

“While the Code of Conduct is a well-crafted set of rules that will help address instances of bad behaviour, it lacks compulsory registration of all listings that would ensure compliance with the new rules,” Mr Curry said.

“The NSW Government’s failure to deliver the other essential regulation for our growing industry is disappointing, however Stayz will do its best to comply with its obligations under the new rules and we urge all holiday homeowners to do the same.

“Only the full suite of reforms will give the Government and industry the tools it requires to swiftly resolve complaints about anti-social behaviour, as well as paint a clearer picture of our industry to enable better informed policy on housing, tourism and government services.

“Stayz consistently advocates for state-wide regulation that contains a simple registration scheme for all short-term rental listings, a code of conduct that is backed by a strikes-based disciplinary regime, and an industry body to adjudicate compliance with the code of conduct,” Mr Curry concluded.

The full Code of Conduct for the Short-term Rental Accommodation Industry can be found at the following link.

Stayz’s key state-wide policy recommendations for the NSW Government are:

  • Compulsory and simple registration for all properties listed on a short-term rental accommodation platform, that will help inform sensible and easily understood policy.

  • The creation of a mandatory short-term rental code of conduct for owners and managers – including a three strikes rule for those who do not meet the standards.

  • A new largely industry-funded and administered body to quickly address problems and adjudicate questions about amenity, noise and overcrowding at short-term rental accommodation properties.