Stayz Rental Assurance - Terms and Conditions

It is very important to us at Stayz that you feel confident about your booking experience and trust that the holiday rental you select through our site will be as it is presented on the site.

Stayz cannot guarantee that your holiday will go exactly to plan, but we can offer you some assistance in the event that your holiday rental does not have the key features that were advertised.

What is the Stayz Rental Assurance?

Stayz Rental Assurance applies to certain property features that were advertised when you made your booking but, on arrival at the rental accommodation, are not available or not accurately described. Property features include:

  • Sleeping accommodation for a specific number of guests
  • Wheelchair accessibility
  • Private pool
  • Parking
  • Air conditioning
  • Washing machine
  • Dishwasher

If, on arrival at the rental accommodation, you find that the advertised features are not available or not accurately described, you should:

  • Contact the property manager or owner immediately and ask them to rectify the relevant problem(s)
  • Contact Stayz Customer Support within 24 hours after arrival to notify us of the situation

If the property manager or owner fails to rectify the relevant problem(s), you can elect to source alternative, equivalent accommodation. If you are eligible, Stayz will reimburse you for costs incurred up to a maximum value of $2,000.

Am I eligible?

To be eligible for a reimbursement, the following conditions must be met:

  1. Register for the Stayz Rental Assurance within 7 days after your booking request is accepted and before the commencement date of your booking. Bookings paid for via Online Booking are automatically registered.
  2. Use your best endeavours to resolve all issues with the property owner/manager.
  3. Contact Stayz within 24 hours after arrival to notify us of the situation.
  4. Source and stay at alternative, equivalent accommodation (i.e. you are ineligible if you elect to stay at the booked accommodation or alternative accommodation offered by property manager or owner).
  5. Submit a reimbursement claim form and provide supporting documentation requested by Stayz including receipts that verify the cost of alternative accommodation booked. The claim form and accompanying invoices must be submitted to Stayz by email at within 7 days following the end of the booking period.
  6. You cannot seek a reimbursement under the terms of this offer if you have been refunded an amount by the property owner or manager, reached an alternative agreement with the property owner or manager or if you refused an offer of alternative, equivalent accommodation made by the property owner or manager.

All claims made under the terms of this offer will be processed within 30 days of receiving full and valid documentation.


Stayz, at its sole discretion, may refuse your claim if:

  1. you did not incur any financial costs in sourcing alternative accommodation;
  2. you are in any way related to the property owner or manager;
  3. you are entitled to a reimbursement as a result of any holiday or other travel insurance or through any other consumer protection program;
  4. you breach the booking terms and conditions or payment requirements of the property owner, manager or
  5. you do not provide supporting documentation and any other requested information within a timely manner so that your claim can be promptly assessed and processed.

This Stayz Rental Assurance also expressly excludes the following matters, which must be dealt with direct through the property owner or manager:

  • security bonds, double booking or booking error by the property owner or manager.
  • costs or loss you may incur including airfares, travel costs or currency variations.
  • the cleanliness or state of repair of the rental property.
  • the location of the property, the proximity of the accommodation to other locations (for example, a train station or beach) or the availability or quality of any views.
  • except as expressly provided above, the amenities, fixtures or fittings at the accommodation (or lack thereof).
  • any subjective based assessment of a property (e.g. design, decoration, size).
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