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About Jindabyne

Fun throughout the Year in Jindabyne

The perfect destination in the cold winters and in the warm summers, Jindabyne is set in the southeast portion of New South Wales. Jindabyne as currently seen is a new town in the grand scheme of things, at only about 50 years old. As one of the highest small towns in Australia, Jindabyne is situated approximately 918 feet above sea level. This great location gives visitors access to snow-capped mountains, as well as a lake and vast amounts of open space for activities. Holiday accommodation in Jindabyne is just as diverse as the holiday makers who visit the town, with self-contained houses, apartments, townhouses and studios to suit every taste.

Winter Fun

The Jindabyne area offers a rare opportunity to fully enjoy snow in Australia. One of the best ways to experience the area in the winter is to take to the slopes. The region surrounding Jindabyne is mountainous and is filled with ski resorts that offer powder-like snow and great trails for all skill levels. Skiing is ever popular; however, snowboarding is a fun option for those that crave adventure. Another way to experience the snow is on horseback. Tour guides follow well-ridden trails that allow you to take in all of the beautiful mountain scenery while keeping your feet off the ground. Take an adventure through nearby Kosciuszko National Park on snowshoes for an up-close look at the winter wonderland, or try a strenuous sport, such as cross-country skiing.

Summer Activities

During the comfortable summer months, Jindabyne is a hub for fun. Lake Jindabyne is a great place take a leisurely stroll on well-maintained paths or to play in the water. Water sports, such as kayaking and canoeing are welcome on the lake, as well. Beautiful natural scenery surrounds the lake. Back in Kosciuszko National Park, there is no shortage of summer offerings. For adrenaline junkies, rock climbing, mountain biking and caving are fun options. Calmer in-park activities include guided tours to observe the flora and fauna, sunrise hikes through the park and even camping. A little further out from Jindabyne, the Upper Murray River is a great place to whitewater raft.

Visit the Wildbrumby Schnapps Distillery

While this attraction sounds like it is adults-only, there is something for everyone at the Wildbrumby Schnapps Distillery. The distillery is located right outside Jindabyne and is fun for the whole family. On the premises, there is a fully functional raspberry farm that you can tour, and there is a garden full of interesting sculptures that kids are more than welcome to climb on. Also for the kids, there is ample open space outside to run around. Back inside, tour the distillery itself, and sample some of Wildbrumby's famous schnapps. A fabulous restaurant/cafe is found onsite, and there are delicious lunch and dinner offerings. Before leaving, purchase a bottle of schnapps to take along with you.

Fish the Day Away

Fishing is extremely popular in this outdoorsman's paradise. Lake Jindabyne is a great location for trout fishing, as the lake is fully stocked. Venture approximately 10 kilometres outside of Jindabyne to learn more about trout at the Gaden Trout Hatchery. You are not able to fish in this location, but you are invited to learn about the lifecycle of trout and more about the species itself. For a different type of fishing experience, try fly fishing, which is a well-known pastime in the Jindabyne area. You are welcome to venture out on your own if you are an experienced fisherman; however, guided tours and fly fishing lessons area also offered.

Holiday in Jindabyne

With the distinct seasons in Jindabyne, it is important to bring appropriate apparel for your holiday, as most activity in the area is based outdoors. The shear amount of sport, and adventure outside and the beautiful scenery allows for action-lovers to let loose.

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