Recent reviews of Australia beach rentals

Top regions for a beach house in Australia

  • Kalbarri: The resort town of Kalbarri is located on the stunning Coral Coast of Australia, giving it unique appeal for beach accommodation. Known for its seaside cliffs, wildlife and gorgeous beaches, Kalbarri offers a rugged beach retreat that puts you in touch with nature. The coastline is often home to dolphins and whales, and there are numerous lookout points in the area to take in views of the coast and its marine life. If you want to venture away from the beach to see the scenery, you can visit Z Bend, a scenic overlook and gorge with hiking trails, or Kalbarri National Park, a sandstone gorge with a flowing river and dramatic cliffs. Rainbow Jungle is another highlight, which showcases exotic parrots in naturalistic habitats.
  • Adelaide: The coastal city of Adelaide offers the perfect combination of a seaside retreat and cultured experiences for a well-rounded beach holiday. The city is home to many pristine beaches with calm waters for families, as well as fascinating cultural and wildlife attractions. You can visit the Adelaide Zoo and the South Australian Museum with the kids or spend time with your partner on a romantic stroll through the Adelaide Botanic Garden. You can also find conservation parks, wildlife parks and art galleries to explore, as well as gourmet food and wine trails that offer tastings and tours. If you’d rather enjoy the water, you can find beach houses that put you right on the beachfront for convenient access.
  • Glenelg: If you’re planning a beach retreat with family, Glenelg is the best place for a beach house. The bayside town offers long, sandy beaches with calm waters and safe swimming areas, as well as an array of attractions and experiences away from the shore. You can take the kids to places like the Beachouse Amusement Centre, which features rides, arcades and games, or book a dolphin-spotting cruise to get up-close-and-personal views of the frolicking marine animals in the water. With beach accommodation in Glenelg, you’ll also be close to the attractions of Adelaide, so you can have an array of fun experiences to choose from in addition to your beach fun.

Enjoy luxury holiday rentals in Australia

Australia’s beach areas offer an array of upscale experiences that are ideal for a luxury holiday. From fine dining and designer shopping to wilderness excursions, diving expeditions and premier golf outings, there’s no limit to the fun and extravagance you can have. With a luxury beach house rental in Australia, you’ll be pampered with decadent features like lavish furnishings, waterfront views, beach access, outdoor entertainment space and more. Luxury holiday homes come in virtually every style and size as well, so you can easily accommodate the whole family without sacrificing the luxury you desire. When you return, you’ll feel totally relaxed and rejuvenated from your trip.

Find a cheap beach house in Australia

If you’re planning a cheap beach retreat, a beach house in Australia is the smart choice. You’ll have endless destinations to choose from that offer everything from prominent surf beaches to urban sandy beaches and remote beaches with a reef offshore, perfect for any type of beach holiday. You can find cheap beach house options throughout Australia, many of which are right on the sand for quick access, so you can enjoy long days in the sun with the kids or hit the waves at daybreak. Cheap holiday rentals come with many helpful amenities as well, such as a full kitchen to buy local produce and prepare authentic, inexpensive meals for the family and toys and games to keep the kids occupied.

Enjoy a scenic retreat with Australia beach villas

If peace and privacy are what you’re after, you can book a beach villa in one of Australia’s coastal areas to take it easy and get in touch with nature. Australia is filled with lush rainforests, rolling hills, soft sand beaches and fascinating wildlife, all of which can be outside your door with a beach villa. You can find cosy villas for two or sprawling spaces that can fit a whole family, all with helpful amenities like kitchens, living spaces, outdoor entertainment areas, pools and more, so you have all you need in one place.

Indulge with a beach resort on Australia’s coast

With its nearly year-round sunshine and breathtaking scenery, Australia offers all you need for a luxury holiday. Beach resort areas can be found all along the coast, giving you access to beaches like Bondi Beach, Manly Beach and the Whitsundays. You can enjoy a fully indulgent holiday as well, thanks to amenities like concierge services, spas, fitness centres, organized activities and on-site dining and nightlife. Whether you’re looking to spend time on a scenic shore or you want to be close to the city, you can find upscale resorts in virtually any beach destination.

Discover the wonders of Australia from a beach house

From the adventurous beaches of New South Wales and Queensland to the wild shores of Fraser Island and Tasmania, Australia’s coastline has gorgeous sand and crystal-blue water that’s perfect for a seaside retreat. Whether you’re travelling with the family or on your own, you can find a beach house near any of Australia’s beach locales. Beach houses are fully self-contained and offer all types of exciting amenities, including kitchens, multiple bedrooms, backyards and pools. You can also find beach houses close to the city, so you can have a night on the town.