Take in the scenery with Kalbarri beach holidays

The resort town of Kalbarri is located on the stunning Coral Coast of Australia, giving it unique appeal for beach accommodation. Known for its seaside cliffs, wildlife and gorgeous beaches, Kalbarri offers a rugged beach retreat that puts you in touch with nature. The coastline is often home to dolphins and whales, and there are numerous lookout points in the area to take in views of the coast and its marine life. If you want to venture away from the beach to see the scenery, you can visit Z Bend, a scenic overlook and gorge with hiking trails, or Kalbarri National Park, a sandstone gorge with a flowing river and dramatic cliffs. Rainbow Jungle is another highlight, which showcases exotic parrots in naturalistic habitats.

Best destinations for an accommodation in Kalbarri Beach

  • Gregory: Just south of Kalbarri proper is Port Gregory where you'll find extensive beachfront options for an accommodation in Kalbarri Beach. Whether you're interested in swimming, fishing or diving, you'll find plenty of adventure in Gregory. One of the most iconic features of the region is the Hutt Lagoon. Just looking at it, you'll be able to see why it's so famous. The lake is pink. This is due to a species of algae prominent in the lake that naturally produces the same chemical that people use in pink food colouring. The rentals in this area are quite varied, but you can find several affordable options even when looking by the beach.
  • Kalbarri National Park: Kalbarri National Park consists of 1,830.05 square kilometres of protected natural land, and booking an accommodation in Kalbarri Beach by the park can be perfect for outdoor adventurers. You'll find desert areas packed with sandstone in addition to a river and gorge offering a surprisingly diverse outdoor experience. Rentals in the area tend to facilitate outdoor adventurers by offering comfortable bedding and breathtaking views of the natural landscapes. Many local accommodations are pet friendly as well, so don't hesitate to bring your pup along on holiday.

Find a pet friendly accommodation in Kalbarri Beach

The natural features around Kalbarri are a sight to behold with rough cliff faces, expansive bush and pristine beaches all calling the area home. It's a great place to adventure with your pup in tow, but you'll have to find a pet friendly accommodation in Kalbarri Beach first. Fortunately, there are several options available. These accommodation options tend to feature plenty of interior space in addition to a fenced outside area where your dog can run around freely without leaving the property. While pet friendly accommodation options tend to be on the more affordable side of the spectrum, you can also find more luxurious rentals that still allow your pet to come along. Just keep in mind that some of the luxury options only allow pets to be kept in the outside area.

Explore a luxury Kalbarri accommodation on the beach

A luxury Kalbarri accommodation on the beach is a great place to facilitate your adventure to Eagle Gorge Lookout, Chinaman's Beach and beyond. These rentals feature state of the art amenities like numerous bedrooms suitable for the whole family and integrated WiFi. Location is also a premier feature with these rentals with many offering beachfront property that will put you just steps away from the shining western shores. You may even find some with high-end amenities like a hot tub or private pool. With access to features like that, relaxation is easier than ever before.

Discover a cheap Kalbarri Beach accommodation

You don't have to go over budget to enjoy a satisfying Kalbarri holiday, especially when you book a cheap Kalbarri Beach accommodation. While these rentals aren't as flashy as their more luxurious counterparts, they serve their purpose well enough. If you plan to spend most of your time venturing through the Z Bend or catching a show at Rainbow Jungle, you won't be spending much time in your rental anyways. Despite the affordability, however, amenities like a full kitchen and central heating and cooling are still common. You may even find a few cheap rentals by the beach, though most waterfront rentals aren't as affordable as their inland counterparts.

Rejuvenate at a beach resort in Kalbarri

If you're looking to relax in the wilds of Kalbarri, you can enjoy a little modern luxury at a beach resort. With views of the red-rock gorges, unique wildlife and white-sand beaches backed by rocky cliffs, a beach resort in Kalbarri puts you in the heart of Australia's untamed coast. Often located within steps of the sand, beach resorts come with luxurious amenities like modern entertainment features, pools, spas, on-site activities and balconies or verandas looking out into the sea. If you're bringing the kids, you can find a resort with kid-friendly amenities.