Top regions for a beach house in Perth

  • Swan River Foreshore Trail: If you want to get out into nature on your beach holiday, Swan River Foreshore Trail in Perth is a great option for a beach house in Perth. The 10-kilometre trail takes you around the Swan River and past iconic landmarks like the Elizabeth Quay, Barrack Street Jetty, and South Perth Foreshore. You can walk or bike on the trail for a unique view of the cityscape and plenty of exercise. Along the way, you’ll see boutiques, cafes, restaurants and attractions, so you can take some time to see the sights of the city before continuing on your trek. If you’re bringing a dog or your kids, the trail is a great way to bond and spend some time enjoying the outdoors.
  • Langley Park: The vibrant green space of Langley Park is the ideal spot for a beach house in Perth. Located in the central business district, the vast parkland offers plenty of space for picnics, nature walks, group exercise sessions and events, such as the City of Perth Australia Day Skyworks. With a beach house in Perth, you’ll be close to Langley Park to take advantage of the wide open space for playing with the kids or your dog, or bonding with your partner. The park is close to many of the excellent attractions in the city as well, such as Fremantle Prison and the Kings Park and Botanic Garden.
  • Cottesloe Beach: With long stretches of sparkling white sand and gorgeous blue waters, Cottlesloe Beach is one of the most picturesque beaches near Scarborough and an ideal spot for a beach holiday accommodation. The beach is popular for snorkelling because of its vibrant marine life, and the ocean offers spectacular swells for surfers of all skill levels. Divers can also enjoy Cottlesloe Beach by exploring the underwater wonders of the Indian Ocean. One of the highlights of a trip to Cottesloe Beach is Sculpture By the Sea, an outdoor art exhibition and open-air art gallery. For a night out, you can choose between many bars and restaurants that offer stunning views of the sunset over the water.

Indulge with a luxury beach house in Perth

With its gourmet culinary experiences, fine wine trails and historic markets, Perth is a great place for a luxury retreat. With a luxury beach house in Perth, you can enjoy beach access for long days of swimming and sunbathing, as well as romantic evening dinners with stunning views of the sunset over the sea. Beach houses can be found with excellent amenities like fine decor, outdoor entertainment areas, gourmet kitchens, hot tubs, pools and more, ensuring you feel totally pampered on your retreat. With a luxury beach house, you’ll have a memorable trip that gives you rest and relaxation.

Save with cheap beach accommodation in Perth

If you’re planning an affordable holiday by the sea, Perth is an excellent option. It’s filled with sandy beaches backed by vibrant suburbs and urban attractions that are free or inexpensive to visit, giving you endless options for how to spend your time. The kids will love places like the Perth Zoo and Penguin Island, while adults can enjoy nightlife and dining in the city. There’s an array of cheap beach accommodation in Perth with essential amenities like laundry facilities and a full kitchen, so you can prepare your own meals and save on dining out. Beach houses can be found steps away from the sand as well, ensuring you have as much time as you want to lounge in the sun.

Stay in the heart of the city with Perth beach apartments

Whether you’re looking for a beach retreat or a city excursion, Perth has it all. You can find beach apartments that combine ocean views from balconies and terraces with proximity to the bars, restaurants and activities of the city. Apartments are available at or near the beach and come with one or multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, full kitchens and entertainment amenities to suit solo travellers or entire families, making them a versatile option for your trip. You can also find apartments with hot tubs and pools, so you can have a change of scenery from the beach.

Discover luxury with a beach resort in Perth

Though Perth has more than enough luxury experiences for your trip, having it all on a beach resort makes your holiday as effortless as possible. Beach resorts in Perth give you direct beach access and on-site amenities like restaurants, bars, nightclubs, pools, a hot tub or spa and plenty of things for the kids to do, so you never have to venture away from the resort if you don’t want to. If you want an adult night out, you could even book a resort with activities and daycare to keep the kids entertained while you relax.

Enjoy a family trip with a Perth beach house

If you’re travelling to Perth with family, you can find an array of beach house options that are ideal for large groups. You can find homes with several bedrooms and bathrooms, multiple living areas, a kitchen, laundry facilities and exciting additions like a private pool or hot tub, so everyone will be comfortable and entertained on the trip. You can even cook your own meals to stretch your budget a little and bond with family. Best of all, houses are available on the beachfront or close to the attractions of the city for endless sightseeing.