Get in some exercise outdoors at Kings Park

1. Explore walking and cycling trails along the north side

Outdoor adventures abound on walking and cycling trails and at city parks in Kings Park. Located on the city's north side, this area offers astounding views of the Swan River and central business district, and it offers tons of fun family-oriented activities filled with things to do for kids in Perth. It's an eclectic mix of grassland, botanical gardens, natural bush area and city streets. Over two-thirds of the grounds in Kings Park are conserved as native bushland, and it's chock full of outdoor adventures for the kids and grown-ups to have, running and playing throughout its 400.6-hectare parkland.

2. See exotic flora in the Western Australian Botanic Garden

In the heart of Kings Park, you'll find the Western Australian Botanic Garden. This serene area offers tons of quiet walking trails lined with beautiful and colourful flora, including both native and exotic species. It's famed for the giant Boab Tree that was brought here from the Kimberley Region and has been preserved ever since. Every September, the gardens host the Wildflower Festival, which is the time to come to see thousands of West Australian wildflowers in full bloom in every colour of the rainbow. It's a wonderful way to kick back, relax and de-stress from the hustle and bustle and city crowds.

3. Visit the dinosaur statues at the May Drive Parkland

The May Drive Parkland, formerly called the Synergy Parkland, is a recreation space designed to offer the entire family an afternoon of fun and enjoyment. It hosts a playground that's built for kids over 6, and it features an elevated walkway that's more than 75 metres long with an island fort. It's famous for its life-size realistic statues of dinosaurs and other megafauna from Australia. You can also enjoy an interactive water misting forest right online. If you're looking for food, head to the Zamia Café on-site that offers snacks, coffee and great service with an outstanding view of the Backyard Botanicals garden.

4. Explore the climbing forts in Rio Tinto Naturescape Kings Park

Rio Tinto Naturescape Kings Park is a nature-based playground where kids can have hours of imaginative fun. They can play pirate or other games on the climbing forts; go wading, splashing and swimming in a rocky creek; get dirty in mud play activities; and many other options. Kids can get lost in the Tangle web, vanish into The Burrow and brave the twists of the Python and the heights of the Bungarra. All of these activities are themed around nature, helping kids to connect with the natural world while they play and get creative with their imaginations.

5. Walk the treetops along the Lotterywest Federation Walkway

Hiking is a time-honoured family fun activity, and if you're looking for things to do with kids in Perth, the Lotterywest Federation Walkway is a good choice for a trailhead. It's become among the more popular attractions in Kings Park since its opening in 2003, and it takes just 40 minutes for a round trip over an elevated glass and steel arched bridge rising 52 metres above the ground with a spectacular view of the botanic gardens, amphitheatres, 2 rivers and a wealth of Aboriginal art in the native bushlands. Best of all, entry to the trailhead is completely free.

6. Have a private conversation at the Whispering Wall

In the heart of Kings Park is a war memorial, and just a few steps away you'll find a long, curved wall known as the Whispering Wall. The wall is part of the State War Memorial and is called the Whispering Wall because 2 people can stand at either end of the wall, hundreds of metres apart, and have a whispered conversation, with each able to hear the other with perfect clarity even over the din of shouts, laughter and conversation. It's an astounding feat of architecture, but it's just one part of the memorial, which also features an eternal flame and tributes to those who died in the service of the country.

Explore trails and carousels in Elizabeth Quay

7. Explore walking trails, water parks and landmarks

The Elizabeth Quay neighbourhood offers walking trails, a classic carousel, water parks, iconic buildings and so many more options for adventure. It's all right in the heart of the Perth central business district on the north shore of Perth Water and is centred around the Swan Bells landmark. This neighbourhood was named in honour of Queen Elizabeth II and dedicated during her Diamond Jubilee. It's a vibrant, up-and-coming destination with a wealth of activities including things to do with toddlers in Perth so that the whole family, young and old alike, will have a great time on your Perth family holiday.

There's nothing in the world quite like an old-fashioned carousel, and there's one right in the heart of this neighbourhood. The Elizabeth Quay Carousel welcomes everyone and can be a lot of fun if you're looking for things to do in Perth with toddlers. It's inexpensive, and adults ride free with younger kids, so you'll only have to pay for 1. You may want to come back and ride this over and over again to try different horses, chariots, carriages and other classic mounts, all intricately detailed. This carousel may just be a couple of minutes per ride, but it's a whole fairy tale world of wonder.

9. Get soaked at BHP Water Park

Just across the street from the Elizabeth Quay Train Station is the BHP Water Park, a primary entry point to the neighbourhood. It's a completely free community space for WA locals and visitors to the area, and it uses lights and jets to create choreography in the water. In the daytime, it serves double duty as a splash park, so bring your bathing suit to run and get soaked in this wild and wonderful option for kids activities in Perth. After the sun sets, sit on a blanket and watch the colourful lights ignite in a kaleidoscope of wonder.

10. Catch a panoramic view of the river from the Bell Tower

The Perth Bell Tower lets you climb a historic structure with guided tours available to learn all about the history of the 18 Swan Bells themselves. At the top, you'll get a panoramic view of the Swan River. It's considered the spot that links the river to the city and is a gigantic musical instrument deemed of significant cultural importance. It's dedicated to becoming a world centre of excellence in the English art of change ringing. A visit here provides access to 5 public areas, and the observation deck is home to a 26-bell carillon that plays national anthems and other well-known tunes by inserting a gold coin.

11. Walk the Heart of Gold Discovery Trail

The Heart of Gold Discovery Trail begins right at the centre of Elizabeth Quay and journeys all through the city of Perth. It's guided by a free app and takes you to various sites throughout the city that are directly connected to the history of gold in the city's legacy. The app guides you to one of 2 starting points, then uses augmented reality to show you stories of the early gold rushes at the tail end of the 19th century and the world-class gold mines of today that still operate. It's built to educate and excite people of all ages and is a super kids activity in Perth.

12. Ride the Transperth Ferry to South Perth

When it comes to kids activities in Perth, few things get kids as fired up and excited as getting on a boat and getting out on the water. The Transperth Ferry will shuttle you from Elizabeth Quay to South Perth and back. The trip one way takes about 2 hours and then lets you explore the entire South Perth neighbourhood. While there, you can explore the South Perth Foreshore waterfront park, Sir James Mitchell Park, the Old Mill, the Scented Garden or any number of other fun activities on that end of the city.

Visit museums and art galleries

13. Explore a wonderland of arts and culture

The city of Perth is a wonderland of art galleries and museums, so if you're an arts and culture or history buff, there are a ton of things to keep you occupied. Kids will enjoy everything from learning about being a firefighter to seeing dinosaur skeletons and famous paintings and sculptures. Here you can check out natural history and famed artworks or get creative at a STEM-focused hands-on science museum that's geared just for kids. If you're looking for things to do with kids in Perth, a museum excursion is a great way to have educational adventures in Western Australia.

14. Learn about firefighting at the Fire Station Museum

The Fire Station Museum is a wildly fun attraction among kids activities in Perth, not the least of which because it's a completely free experience that's hands-on and fun as kids learn all about how firefighters and first responders handle a wide range of emergency situations. Kids can dress up in the gear that firefighters wear, look at vintage fire service equipment and artefacts, and climb into and explore a real fire truck. It's located in the Department of Fire and Emergency Services Education and Heritage Centre which is unto itself a designated heritage building in the Federation Romanesque architectural style.

The Art Gallery of Western Australia is a completely free exhibition of some of the most important paintings and artworks in history. It's in the heart of the Perth Cultural Centre in the city centre just steps from a wide range of attractions, eateries, museums and shops. The largest collection is the State Art Collection encompassing more than 18,000 works of art, many by Aboriginal artists as well as those by 20th-century British and Australian artists. The connection continues to grow every year and includes paintings, graphic arts, sculptures and other media. It's sure to be a memorable kids activity in Perth for your family holiday.

16. Get technical and creative at Scitech

When it comes to things to do with kids in Perth, it's hard to beat hands-on exhibits of science, technology and maker culture that get them engaged and exercise their minds and creativity all at the same time. That's what they'll get at Scitech. Kids under the age of 4 are free, so it's even a good opportunity for things to do with toddlers in Perth. A great many of the exhibits here are interactive and hands-on, and kids can explore electronics, robotics, computers, mechanical engineering and many other aspects of science, technology, engineering and math to let their creativity run wild and learn while they do so.

17. See classic antique cars at the Motor Museum of WA

At the Motor Museum of WA, kids can learn all about the history of cars in Australia and see memorabilia, photos, artefacts and other exhibits tracing the development of classic cars from the earliest years through to the modern era. That's just the beginning, however, as they can also see over 200 antique and classic vehicles, from a Red Bull F1 racing car to a 1951 Mercedes-Benz and vintage cars dating to the early 20th century. This museum is a fun, exciting and interesting kids activity in Perth that offers a look at automobiles throughout history, including many rare and unusual cars.