Enjoy a wine-soaked holiday near your Yarra Valley holiday rental

When you travel to the verdant Yarra Valley, you’ll find some of the top wineries in Australia, as well as a plethora of upscale holiday rentals that will afford you a completely relaxing stay. From farm retreats in the heart of nature to high-end apartments with amenities similar to those of a 5-star resort, you can easily find a Yarra Valley holiday rental to suit your preferences and will help you to enjoy the best of this dazzling region just outside of Melbourne.

Venture through wine country from a quality Yarra Valley accommodation

Yarra Valley

The Yarra Valley region is situated right in the heart of Victoria's wine country and offers a whole world of holiday adventure. Not only will you find some of the oldest wineries in the region here, but you'll also find a wealth of cultural, historic and relaxing experiences. Art galleries, museums, spas, gift shops and more abound in this scenic area. From outdoor adventures to refined fine dining, it's all just steps from your Yarra Valley accommodation. Check out this guide to the many exciting and romantic experiences that await you in this picturesque region.

Hide away in your cosy Marysville accommodation

Yarra Valley

Marysville is a small and quaint town nestled deep in the heart of the Yarra Valley. It's surrounded by cascading waterfalls, lush green forests and a wealth of natural wonders. Marysville also features many cultural attractions such as art and sculpture gardens to enjoy. You can have any number of outdoor adventures or enjoy local vintages of fine wines at a local restaurant. This guide can be your starting point to a holiday adventure from Marysville accommodation.

Healesville accommodation is ideal for enjoying relaxation, adventure and history

Yarra Valley

If you're looking to experience Victoria's wine country to its fullest, Healesville accommodation can be just the thing you need. A rental home, cottage or apartment here puts you just minutes from world-renowned wineries, outstanding microbreweries and natural wonders including a wildlife sanctuary. Attractions here will appeal to couples on romantic getaways or families on holiday. Check out this guide to the many attractions of the region you can enjoy from Healesville holiday accommodation.