Enter a seaside paradise by booking quality The Entrance accommodation

Situated between Sydney and Newcastle, The Entrance is one of the most popular destinations in New South Wales for travellers looking for a quiet coastal retreat. You'll find a wide variety of attractions here as the town is surrounded by both a lake and the ocean along with part of a well-maintained national park. Both kids and adults can enjoy the natural wonder and the climate is welcoming all year long as long as you pack accordingly for cold winter nights or hot summer days.

Where to book your accommodation at The Entrance

No matter what kind of holiday experience you're looking for, you can be sure that there's accommodation at The Entrance suitable for your desired holiday experience. The city centre features chic cafes while the coast on either side of town features thrilling aquatic activities. Think about what kind of activities you enjoy the most, and look for an accommodation that puts you just steps away from that kind of adventure.

Booking accommodation by the lake

On the west side of town, you'll find the shore to Tuggerah Lake. This massive lake is known for its calm waters, so children can safely swim by its shores. Taking a paddleboat out into the lake is popular, though it's big enough for larger vessels. The lake area of town is also where you'll find the Picnic Point Reserve, a nature reserve with vibrant greenery and numerous walking paths. There are even some designated fishing spots in the area to enjoy. Just about any given accommodation by the lake will feature a more relaxed atmosphere and 2- to 3-bedroom layouts suitable for families. Some even have their own fishing jetties and balconies, so you can cast out without ever leaving the property.

Finding accommodation by the ocean

Journey to the east side of town, and you'll find the massive Pacific Ocean. It's sparkling blue waters and sandy beaches are better suited for aquatic adventurers looking to surf or enjoy some waves. Kids can still enjoy themselves as the eastern shore is also home to 2 ocean baths, the only examples of their kind on the Central Coast. On the ocean side of town, you'll find the iconic Pelican Plaza. Every afternoon, a massive group of pelicans visit the area to be fed fish, and seeing them fly in can be a spectacular sight. Holiday homes in this area often offer easy access to the beach with some having private walking paths. Among these rentals, you'll also find a variety of layouts from couple's retreats to large family 4-bedroom homes.

Top picks for an accommodation in The Entrance

When you're looking for accommodation in The Entrance, it's important to know what kind of features you can expect. By searching through the most popular destinations, you can see what kind of amenities are common and what might be considered a luxury for the area. To get an idea of the local accommodation, take a look at the top picks.

Beachfront apartment accommodation

The beach is one of the top attractions in town, and this beachfront apartment accommodation will put you right on the shore. The beach is just a few steps away with the kid-friendly ocean baths just a short walk south. You can even travel about 1 kilometre from this apartment to reach Pelican Plaza. Inside, you'll find 2 bedrooms with enough room for 4 to sleep comfortably inside. There's even a newly renovated kitchen and balcony with an ocean view included.

Lake view accommodation

In the part of town near the lake, you'll find this spacious apartment that overlooks the Tuggerah with room enough for 6 in its 2 bedrooms plus a pull-out sofa in the lounge area. There's a full kitchen inside and even an outdoor area with a BBQ. If you ever want to explore the ocean side of town, this apartment puts you well within walking distance and is also particularly close to Pelican Plaza. Unlike many other properties in the area, linens and towels are supplied for you.