Start your adventure to a beachfront paradise by finding a Cronulla accommodation

The small town of Cronulla is a popular destination just a few kilometres south of Sydney that features all the convenience of the city with the calm coast and atmosphere you'd expect from a small town. Whether you're looking to relax in the sun on a solo trip or surf the waves with the family, you can always count on a quality Cronulla accommodation being available for you. Given the abundance of beaches and parks, travellers of all ages can enjoy Cronulla. The weather is comfortable enough to visit all year long, but September travellers can enjoy the annual Cronulla Spring Festival.

Where to book your Cronulla accommodation

With so much to see and do, you'll be close to virtually everything, no matter where you book your stay in Cronulla. For the sake of convenience sake, of course, it's helpful to book a Cronulla accommodation within walking distance of your desired attractions. No matter what your interests are, there's bound to be an accommodation in Cronulla that puts you near your preferred sites and offers ample room for the whole family.

Booking a Cronulla accommodation by Cronulla Beach

The titular beach of Cronulla is one of the most popular spots in the entire town. Not only is Cronulla Beach surrounded by well-maintained parkland on the side of the beach opposite the shore, but it's fairly quiet and unpopulated in the mornings. By booking a Cronulla accommodation close to the beach, it's easy to make your way to the shore before the majority of the beachgoers arrive, without even having to get up that early. Holiday rentals by the beach tend to be spacious and relaxing with large windows that let you watch the sunrise over the water. Some even have their own private paths that let you walk directly to the beach. Keep an eye out for properties with patios and balconies as well. Being able to sit outside and enjoy the beach while still being in your own private area is one of the primary benefits of beachside rentals.

Finding a Cronulla accommodation by Gunnamatta Bay

While the eastern shore of Cronulla is perfect for surfing, the western edge on Gunnamatta Bay offers calmer waters better suited for children and those looking for a more relaxing waterfront experience. Kayaking and rafting are popular here, and you'll even find a few places good for fishing. Holiday rentals by the bay will also put you close to Gunnamatta Park and Darook Park, where you can enjoy small shops, cafes and walking paths through the well-preserved green area. Many holiday rentals in Gunnamatta Bay are in residential areas, so you can feel like a local, and you're also likely to find accommodation with more bedrooms in these rentals, making them suitable for the whole family. For example, 3- and 4- bedroom houses are plentiful in the area, with some being equipped with extra beds in the additional bedrooms to accommodate extended family.

Top picks for a local Cronulla accommodation

When you search for the best Cronulla accommodation for your unique desired holiday experience, you'll likely need to sort through several options.Taking a look at some of the best picks for the area is a great way to start your search. These destinations can give you a better understanding of what local accommodation options tend to offer and may even show you the perfect rental for your holiday needs.

Centrally located Cronulla accommodation

If you can't decide which side of Cronulla you want to book your stay in, consider this centrally located house, found right in the middle. It features a 4-bedroom setup complete with 3 bathrooms and a home office. It's close to both sides of Cronulla, and it even features its own pool. The trees and style make you feel like you're in the tropics, and the backyard area is fenced in for increased privacy.

Beachfront apartment Cronulla accommodation

For travellers looking to dive in to this town's attractions by the shore, this beachfront apartment might be the perfect destination. With 2 bedrooms, it's easily suitable for a couple or small families. It sits on the fourth floor, and the 2 balconies face the ocean, offering scenic views that are especially spectacular in the morning. The beach is just a short walk away, but you'll also find yourself close to several local restaurants, shops and the cinema.