Next time you plan a holiday in Grafton, you can feel confident about the right accommodation to enjoy your visit and find rejuvenation. Grafton is located in northeastern New South Wales, not far from the mountains and only 5 kilometres from the South Pacific. The wide range of outdoor sites available makes Grafton a desirable spot for a family holiday or romantic getaway. You could easily fly into Grafton Airport, now known as the Clarence Valley Regional Airport. With the beautiful outdoors awaiting you, you may be most interested in a 1-bedroom apartment with everything you need for your solo adventure, or a larger house for your extended family might be the best fit. No matter your holiday needs, Grafton accommodation will be perfect for you.

Finding the best Grafton accommodation

Grafton is known for scenic parks and outdoor activities where you are immersed in nature. Many choose Grafton for a week to enjoy the wilderness or a weekend retreat. The sights and sounds of nature are not the only winning feature of Grafton, as many enjoy the diversity of local art available at the Grafton Regional Gallery. Susan Island Nature Reserve is a lovely spot to relax in the midst of the Clarence River, and it's right next to the Grafton city centre. No matter the type of holiday you plan to enjoy, whether with your family, that special someone or by yourself to escape to nature, Grafton has accommodation that is right for you.

Enjoy luxury accommodation in Grafton

Grafton attracts all kinds of visitors, and if you are used to many comforts in life, then luxury accommodation might suit you well. Such travellers often seek out Australia’s heritage sites, and Christ Church Cathedral in Grafton is such a location where history is a part of every archway and pew at this 130-year-old cathedral. To relax at the end of a long day, you might want to grab one of the villas available in Grafton that can accommodate a family or couple with a fully stocked kitchen and modernized bathroom off the master bedroom. Otherwise, you might choose a luxurious historic home that has updated amenities and gorgeous bedrooms.

The best family accommodation in Grafton

If your family has been begging to take a holiday in the mountains and at the beach, you might want to look at Grafton, which can offer you both. See Park is a dog-friendly park right next to Grafton that's a pleasant place to enjoy a playground or watch the ducks. Depending on the size of your family, you may want to look into renting a home. A holiday home will have a full kitchen and enough space to fit your family and even more relatives if you desire.

Apartment accommodation in Grafton

If you're looking for 1- or 2-bedroom accommodation, an apartment is a great choice. Apartments are affordable for many budgets, and you can find many that have fully stocked kitchens and all the amenities that you would expect to have a fun and relaxing holiday. Grafton has many historic aspects to it, and you could rent a vintage apartment with wood accents and historic decorations or one that is basic enough for you and your hiking gear or surfboard. Whether travelling solo or with a friend or two, Grafton has accommodation and outdoor fun for your holiday.

Bed-and-breakfast romantic accommodation

There may not be anything more romantic than a bed-and-breakfast, and you can find the exact accommodation that would help spice up your holiday with your significant other. The seclusion and hospitality of a bed-and-breakfast are quite desirable, especially when you can rent one with picturesque views. In Grafton, you’ll find just that. If a bed-and-breakfast isn’t your style, you have nothing to worry about, because other types of accommodation with every comfort and amenity you might need are available.