Discover the Cudgegong River Valley from Mudgee accommodation

The town of Mudgee is one of the most popular locations in all of New South Wales despite not being located on the coast. Instead of sandy beaches, you'll find a fertile land among the broad Cudgegong River Valley on the edge of the Sydney Basin. The atmosphere in this town tends to be more refined than its coastal counterparts with chic cafes, boutique shops and idyllic wineries among its vast green landscapes. When looking for Mudgee accommodation, you'll find that many rentals offer a similarly luxurious experience whether you're looking for a couple's retreat or family accommodation. The region is also comfortable all year when it comes to climate, but you should bring your umbrella if travelling during the summer.

Where to book your Mudgee accommodation

When you're planning your holiday to Mudgee, it's important to consider where exactly in town you'd like to stay. While all areas have something incredible to offer, the experiences can be notably different. For example, you may find accommodation right on the banks of the Cudgegong River, but you may be more interested in staying close to the historical sites near the town centre.

Booking a Mudgee accommodation by the town centre

Mudgee's town centre is full of exciting attractions that the whole family can enjoy. The shopping boutiques and chic restaurants are popular for everyone, and adults can visit the local wineries like Burnbrae Winery, which is located right in town. You can see historical sites like St Mary's Catholic Church and the Mudgee Post Office, both of which are from the 19th century, and accommodation in this area tends to evoke the same kind of aesthetic. Historical rentals are widely available, and you'll also find some that are chic and modern. Diversity in size is prevalent offering everything from 1- to 4-bedroom properties.

Finding Mudgee accommodation cabins around the outskirts

While the city centre has plenty to offer, Mudgee is also located within a vast natural area with impressive features all around. If you're looking for an outdoor adventure, you can book one of the Mudgee accommodation cabins along the Cudgegong River. These cabins are notably isolated compared to rentals closer to the city centre with large yards and open patio spaces. You'll also find Wollemi National Park nearby where you can find even more scenic cabins with access to rivers, forests and canyons.

Top picks for a Mudgee accommodation

Just about every Mudgee accommodation can offer an unforgettable holiday experience, though something specifically catered to your needs may require a bit of research. These popular properties in the area can offer valuable insight into the kind of amenities other local rentals have to offer. Take a look at some of the Mudgee top picks to get a taste of other local rentals.

Romantic getaway in Mudgee accommodation cabins

Mudgee accommodation cabins can come in various shapes and sizes, but this couple's retreat is particularly relaxing. There's a single bedroom with room for 2, but you'll also find a fully equipped modern kitchen. There's also a sitting room with a TV, but the most appealing feature is the location. Situated in the Cudgegong Valley on the outskirts of Mudgee, you can enjoy a scenic view of the vast green landscape directly from the patio. There are even horse facilities here if you're feeling adventurous.

Centrally located Mudgee accommodation

If you want your Mudgee accommodation to be right in the centre of the action, this cottage is just a block away from the most popular shops and restaurants on the Cudgegong River. To experience the top destinations in town, all you have to do is walk no more than 3 minutes to the Lawson Park area. There are 3 bedrooms within this cottage and enough bedding for 5 people to sleep comfortably, so you can bring the family as well. As an added bonus, the beds have electric blankets that can keep you warm during winter holidays.