For many people, finding a holiday destination to relax, experience thrilling activities, and try new things is ideal, and that is why so many people travel to Yamba. The array of activities makes it a wonderful destination for any group, and the stunning holiday rentals allow guests to enjoy their stay in quiet, tranquil quarters.

About Yamba

Yamba sits on the northern end of New South Wales and is popular for its fishing excursions and other attractions for travellers. The area boasts beautiful scenery, with 11 beaches stretching along the shore along with several parks and rivers in the area that offer recreational activities and stunning sightseeing opportunities. The small town is a popular getaway destination, and there are plenty of things to do in Yamba for everyone.

Water Sports

The long stretch of beaches along the coast of Yamba allow for a variety of water sports. While some beaches feature calm waters that are great for swimming, such as Whiting Beach and Main Beach, others are more popular as surfing destinations, including Angourie Point and Pippi Beach. Fishing is one of the most sought-after activities in the area, and people can enjoy fishing from the shore or going on fishing charters. Other boating tours are available as well for those who simply want to sight see.

While there are countless water sports that people can participate in on the ocean, Yamba sits on the delta of the Clarence River where visitors can experience a number of additional water sports. Fresh water fishing, boating, and kayaking are among some of the more popular activities that people take part in on the river.


While the area is very popular for its water expeditions, there are also a number of other recreational activities you can take pleasure in. Several golf courses offer spectacular greens for people of all skill levels, and taking a horseback riding tour is a beloved experience. In addition,other activities include sailing, boating and canoeing.

Many people will spend the day at the nearby Yuraygir National Park to enjoy biking and hiking expeditions along with sightseeing, snorkeling, swimming, and camping. Yamba also features a sports centre with sports such as badminton, volleyball, tennis, and more available for the entire family.

Among the most popular places to visit, guests enjoy going to Lovers Point Rock Wall on the end of Pippi beach in the summer and autumn months to enjoy whale watching. The Yamba Light House is also a well-known place to visit to explore the picturesque scenery and to look out on the ocean where people often view dolphins diving through the water. Many travellers also take time to visit the Story House Museum.

More to Do

In addition to the many recreational activities offered, there are numerous other places to go and things to do. Plenty of dining options present themselves, and guests can enjoy seafood, steaks, ribs, fine drinks, and other delicious cuisine. Several shops allow for souvenir shopping, such as arts and craft stores that even offer classes open to visitors. Many festivals are held throughout the year as well, such as the annual Yamba Festival, that bring visitors to the area.

Yamba offers so many activities to take part in that guests will never see a dull moment throughout their visit to Yamba. Tours, water sports, recreational activities, and sightseeing opportunities make the area ideal for those seeking a memorable experience.