Journey through scenic natural landscapes by booking Tumut accommodation

Australia is known for its spectacular natural features, and Tumut is one of the best places to see them for yourself. This small town in New South Wales is conveniently located on the banks of the Tumut River and at the foothills of the Snowy Mountains. With its numerous festivals and historical sites, it's no wonder Tumut has become such a popular destination for travellers. With a wide variety of holiday homes to rent, visitors of all ages can enjoy accommodation especially when travelling during fall and spring when temperatures are most comfortable.

Where to book your Tumut accommodation

With so much to do and see around Tumut, you have to consider where you want to book your stay. You could search for accommodation closer to the city centre to enjoy the town's historic buildings and festivals, but some travellers may prefer a holiday experience more closely connected to the surrounding natural environment. Fortunately, you can find a quality Tumut accommodation no matter what your expectations are.

Booking accommodation by the city centre

At the centre of Tumut, you'll find a bustling community frequently hosting events and everyday activities the whole family can enjoy. The Festival of the Falling Leaf held every autumn is particularly popular as the display of seasonal colours is more vibrant and diverse than anywhere else in New South Wales. Parks and gardens are prevalent throughout the town, so you can enjoy Tumut's natural wonder without having to venture from the city centre. Accommodation in this area tends to be a townhouse or cottage, but there are some full houses available. Small families and couples would have the easiest experience finding a rental as most have a 2-bedroom layout.

Finding accommodation near the Snowy Mountains

Tumut is situated on the northeast side of the Snowy Mountains. If you book accommodation near these foothills, you can enjoy easy access to all its mountainous wonders. Winter travellers can enjoy snow sports like skiing and snowboarding while warmer weather visitors can journey through the extensive hiking trails. Booking your stay in this area makes it easier to find a more secluded rental. Numerous properties are available among the mountainous areas with large yards and neighbours who are more spread out. Generous areas of land on rental properties are also more prevalent, so you can enjoy outdoor excursions without even leaving the property in many cases.

Top picks for a quality Tumut accommodation

Tumut offers something for everyone and its holiday rentals represent that. To make sure you find the accommodation best suited for your desired holiday experience, you first must have an idea of what rentals in the area are typically like. Take a look at the top picks for Tumut to discover the kind of amenities quality accommodation can offer.

Riverside cottage accommodation

If you're planning to do some fishing, this riverside cottage might be the perfect destination. The water is just 18 short metres away, so accessing the river just requires taking a few steps from the door. You can bring the whole family along as this cottage features 4 bedrooms with room enough for 7 people to sleep comfortably. The cottage includes a full kitchen, and you'll find bushwalking and cycling trails nearby.

3-bedroom house by the city centre

When you book this house, you can enjoy a home away from home during your holiday that offers all the comfort and convenience you need. The 3 bedrooms can sleep up to 6 people, and everyone can enjoy the recently renovated interior. It's located right by the city centre, so much of Tumut's top attractions are within walking distance. The kitchen is fully equipped and there are even some pantry items supplied for you like seasonings, cereal and tea.