Prepare for your holiday with Burleigh Heads accommodation

Known as “Burleigh" to locals, Burleigh Heads is a picturesque beach area on the Gold Coast between Surfers Paradise to the north and Coolangatta to the south. From its beautiful beaches and turquoise waters to the vast national park and its endless nature excursions, Burleigh Heads offers accommodation that puts you in the heart of the region and all it has to offer.

Experience Burleigh Heads

With its towering fragrant pine trees on the coast and verdant parklands and nature areas surrounded by arts and crafts markets, there's no limit to the experiences you can have in Burleigh Heads. Whether you're travelling with friends, family or on your own, Burleigh Heads holiday rentals give you all you need to make the most of your holiday.

Nature and wildlife for families

Burleigh Heads is the ultimate destination for nature lovers and kids. With attractions like the David Fleay Wildlife Park, a large conservation and wildlife park with crocodiles, koalas, emus and wallabies in natural habitats, to Burleigh Head National Park, a wild, natural headland in the heart of the Gold Coast with a rocky foreshore, rainforests and ancient volcanic columns, Burleigh Heads has endless opportunities to explore the landscape and glimpse local wildlife in its natural habitat. Accommodation options in Burleigh Heads can be found nestled in the wilderness as well, giving you a touch of nature on your retreat.

Arts and culture for couples

As a peaceful beach community, Burleigh Heads offers quiet restaurants with excellent homemade recipes, charming markets with an array of creative and practical goods and community classes to learn watercolour painting or crafting on your holiday. Couples looking for romance can spend their time exploring the charming towns and experiencing local culture, or venturing out into the park for spectacular rainforest scenery and sweeping coastal views to catch dolphins and whales frolicking. Plenty of romantic holiday rentals are available throughout the area, offering peace, quiet and privacy on your retreat.

Outdoor adventures for nature lovers

Whether you want to try surfing off the coast on one of the renowned surf breaks, or you prefer to spend your time wandering through the wilds and hiking rocky terrain, Burleigh Heads is a natural playground for outdoor enthusiasts. You can find an array of holiday rentals near Burleigh Heads beaches and parks, giving you quick and convenient access to the outdoors for your trip.

Accommodation types in Burleigh Heads

Whether you're looking for a romantic beach holiday, a family trip with spacious accommodation or a solo retreat with a luxurious apartment, Burleigh Heads has an array of rental options to suit your needs. Each rental is self-contained and offers practical amenities like full kitchens and laundry facilities, as well as a touch of luxurious additions like balconies, gardens, courtyards and pools.

Beachfront apartments and holiday homes

The apartments and holiday homes in Burleigh Heads range from practical and comfortable to luxurious and spacious, depending on your needs. You can find either option with several bedrooms and bathrooms, outdoor barbie areas, manicured gardens and private pools. Apartments offer the benefits of being close to the sights of the area.

Quaint cottages and bungalows

If you're looking for a romantic retreat, bungalows and cottages offer peace and quiet. You can find cottage and bungalow rentals near the hinterlands or beaches with amenities like a spa bath, mountain views, a fireplace, beach access and private woodland surroundings. With a rental like this, you can spend your evenings enjoying cocktails or wine with your loved one while listening to the sounds of nocturnal animals under the stars.

Cosy bed and breakfasts for couples

Bed and breakfasts offer a unique way to experience Burleigh Heads. From cosy and quaint to sprawling and luxurious, the bed and breakfast accommodation in Burleigh Heads includes features like private balconies, separate gourmet kitchens, luxury bathrooms, beach access and breathtaking coastal views in private surroundings.