Montville accommodation offers small-town living with culture, history and nature adventures

Montville is a small Queensland town located along the Blackall Range in the famed Sunshine Coast. For travellers on holiday, it offers not only a peaceful and serene escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life, but it also features a range of historic and heritage-listed locations, quirky and unique boutique shops, arts, culture and plenty of outdoor adventure. If you're looking for Montville accommodation, cabins can provide you with easy access to all of the relaxation and fun that this area has to offer, whether you're part of a couple on a romantic getaway, a family or a larger group.

Outdoor adventures await from Montville cabin accommodation

One of the biggest reasons to visit Montville is the range of scenic natural wonders that surround the town. Just minutes from Montville centre, you'll find scenic rainforest locales like Kondalilla National Park, the Blackall Range, Baroon Pocket Dam, the Obi Obi Gorge, Russell Family Park and Baroon Lookout as well as vast trails and wildlife viewing along the Sunshine Coast Hinterland Great Walk. All of these adventures and more await travellers looking to engage in hiking, biking or nature-watching just a few steps away from Montville cabin accommodation.

Hike the rainforest in Kondalilla National Park

Montville accommodation puts you very close to Kondalilla National Park, among the most pristine and beautiful sites in Australia. This stretch of rainforest is named for the rushing waters for which the park is famed and offers the chance to view over 100 species of birds as well as rare animals like the pouched frog. It's also home to a number of bopple nut and macadamia nut trees. You can also view protected species of flora like pink ash, piccabeen palms, casuarinas, hoop pines and eucalyptus trees. Walking the lush green paths of this rainforest is truly a breathtaking experience.

Visit Kondalilla Falls for swimming and dramatic scenery

While you're hiking Kondalilla National Park from Montville accommodation, you'll want to visit the rushing waters of Kondalilla Falls. The falls are deep within the heart of the park and form a sight that's both serene and dramatic. A walking path surrounding the area leads you from the top of the falls past a number of scenic lookouts and rock pools. A picnic area is at the end of the trail at the base of the falls, and you can take a swim in the pool to cool off on a hot day.

Enjoy the panoramic lookouts along Blackall Range

Montville is nestled within the Blackall Range – a line of peaks that dominates the Sunshine Coast Hinterland – and the mountains are well worth exploring from your Montville accommodation. Cabins here allow you easy access to the astonishing views. A cosy 1-bedroom cottage that sleeps 2 is an ideal way for a couple on honeymoon or celebrating an anniversary to explore the intimate, unspoilt natural surroundings. In the gardens of the cottage, you'll see king parrots and possibly tawny frogmouths in the evenings, while an outdoor fire pit and pergola are ideal for sipping wine on summer evenings.

Enjoy local wine vintages at Flame Hill Vineyard

Queensland is one of Australia's wine regions, and connoisseurs of local vintages won't want to miss a chance to visit the Flame Hill Vineyard for tastings as well as delicious food that pairs well with local wines. You can tour the vineyards and learn about ethically and sustainably farmed produce that creates the incredible wines you'll experience as you sit for your meal. On your journey, you may even get to see families of yellow-tailed black cockatoos that visit seasonally. You'll find plenty of Montville holiday rental options nearby for couples and groups alike.

See cultural attractions near Montville accommodation

Montville is also bursting with local arts and culture. At unique and famed locales like the Clock Shop, you'll see stunning handcrafted timepieces, some of which have been brought in from the Black Forest of Germany and others representing other European clocks and timepieces that embody centuries of design and artistry. Other cultural options include the Queensland Hemp Museum, which explores the importance and history of hemp farming through the ages and its use in clothing, rope and more. The options for cultural scenery from your Montville accommodation are near limitless.

The Montville Art Gallery is a major attraction that showcases original art from over 40 of the most renowned and talented artists in the region. Not only are there astounding galleries of original art here, but you can also take classes with personalized instruction to learn how to paint. Many of the artworks in the gallery are for sale, so you can take a piece of Montville home with you when your trip is done. Within the gallery is a gastro pub, and your Montville accommodation will also be just minutes from superb coffee shops and cafes along the coast.