Jump into fun on your next holiday with Kangaroo Island accommodation

From its vast bushland and unique wildlife to its pristine beaches and exciting seaside shops and restaurants, you’ll never run out of new experiences on Kangaroo Island. No matter how you choose to spend your holiday, Kangaroo Island accommodation puts you in the heart of the landscape and all it has to offer.

Enjoy fun-filled excursions on Kangaroo Island

From fine wine and gourmet food to unique wildlife and diverse landscapes, Kangaroo Island has an array of adventures and attractions for all types of travellers. You can spend your time exploring the wilderness, trying out new restaurants or lounging on the beach, all within reach of your Kangaroo Island holiday home.

Delicious culinary pursuits on Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island’s food and wine offerings include some of Australia’s finest gourmet pleasures and visual feasts. You can experience new flavours and concoctions in an array of restaurants, cafes, cellar doors and farmers markets throughout the island. If you want to try out your own recipes, you can stop at a local market and pick up ingredients to cook your own meals in your Kangaroo Island accommodation.

Coastal splendour and pristine beaches

Kangaroo Island’s seemingly endless coastline offers white-sand beaches, vibrant sea life and intriguing shipwrecks to explore. You can swim, sunbathe, surf, fish, snorkel, dive or just relax on the beach, all within reach of your Kangaroo Island accommodation on the waterfront. The beaches of Kangaroo Island are perfect for kids as well, thanks to the soft sand, calm waters and abundance of wildlife.

Kangaroo Island wild nature experiences

Kangaroo Island is a sanctuary for many animals, birds and plant life. You can enjoy hiking, biking, horseback riding, kayaking or diving to glimpse native wildlife and spot some of the island’s more rare and reclusive animals. If you want more adventure, you can try sandboarding, quad biking, adventure caving, sea kayaking or skydiving.

Features and amenities in Kangaroo Island holiday homes

From practical and convenient to luxurious and spacious, Kangaroo Island holiday rentals boast an array of amenities to make your trip more comfortable and convenient. Whether you’re looking for Kangaroo Island luxury accommodation or just a place to suit the family for all your adventures, you can enjoy self-contained rentals with plenty of features.

Tranquil beach and waterfront accommodation

Kangaroo Island holiday homes, cottages and apartments are available with beach access and waterfront views for a tranquil retreat. You can walk out your door onto the soft white sand or spend your evening overlooking the water from a balcony while you sip wine or socialize. If you’re planning on trying out water sports during your trip, having immediate access to the water is a huge advantage.

Holiday rentals with full kitchens and appliances

With so much produce and wine on Kangaroo Island, having a holiday rental with a full kitchen and appliances gives you the option of preparing your own meals for the whole trip. The best accommodation on Kangaroo Island includes kitchens with a full range of equipment such as coffee makers, utensils, pots, pans and other tools so you can make everything from a quick breakfast to a 7-course meal. This will also help you save money on your trip, especially if you’re cooking for the whole family.

Private pools and spas in Kangaroo Island accommodation

If you’re looking for a change of scenery from the beach, booking accommodation on Kangaroo Island with a private pool is a great option. Kids can swim safely while you relax on the deck, or you can enjoy a quick dip in the morning before you begin sightseeing. Private spas are a nice touch for couples where you can enjoy an evening soak with a glass of wine under the starry sky.