Options abound for an exciting holiday in Maitland accommodation

Overlooking the Spencer Gulf and Yorke Valley, Maitland is the central town of the Yorke Peninsula. Known for its barley country, parklands and straight streets, Maitland is an ideal destination for rest and rejuvenation. Maitland accommodation gives you all you need to make the most of your relaxing holiday.

Diverse experiences in Maitland

If you’re planning a trip to Maitland, you’ll never run out of things to do. From historic trails with excellent family-owned restaurants to excursions to the picturesque coasts of the Yorke Peninsula, Maitland has an array of fun-filled experiences for families, couples and solo travellers.

Explore historic walking trails

History lovers will enjoy the unique heritage of Maitland. You can stroll along a historic walking trail that winds past heritage buildings and the National Trust Museum, passing the Maitland Hotel, one of the first buildings in the area, that once held the local community hall. Many of Maitland’s accommodation options are historic in their own right, surrounding you with the unique heritage of the town.

Enjoy local produce and wines

Maitland experiences higher rainfall than other parts of the Yorke Peninsula, making it ideal for a variety of local produce. You can enjoy authentic South Australian recipes in restaurants and eateries in the area, or buy some meat, seafood or produce at the local markets and prepare your own meal in the fully self-contained holiday rentals in Maitland.

Take a day trip to the coastal areas

Centrally located between the east and west coasts of the Yorke Peninsula, Maitland is an ideal base camp to enjoy the beautiful beaches and crystal-blue waters. You can spend the day sunbathing, swimming or trying out exciting water sports, such as surfing, kayaking and snorkelling, or you can explore the seaside shops and restaurants in charming coastal towns. Maitland holiday homes put you in the centre of the area, so you can choose whichever beach town you want to visit.

Accommodation types in Maitland

From charming cottages for romantic couples to sprawling farm stays with a bunch of adorable animals for kids, Maitland accommodation comes in virtually every style and size. Regardless of the accommodation you choose, you’ll still enjoy features like full kitchens and laundry facilities, outdoor spaces and other unique amenities for your retreat.

Versatile holiday homes

From small and practical to spacious and family-friendly, the versatile holiday homes in Maitland have something for everyone. You can find large homes with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, full appliances, entertainment systems and outdoor areas like gardens or grassy play areas. Many holiday homes come with verandah or decks for outdoor entertaining as well.

Charming cottages and bed and breakfasts

If you’re planning a romantic retreat, cottages and bed and breakfasts are excellent options. The historic cottage rentals in Maitland have a unique charm of their own, often including rustic decor, country surrounds, fireplaces and other intimate features. With a bed and breakfast, you can experience a more social and convenient holiday with delicious morning meals and a family feel. Best of all, the cottages and bed and breakfasts in Maitland are surrounded by rolling hills and lush bushland, so you can enjoy peace, quiet and privacy on your retreat.

Family-friendly farm stays

If you’re travelling with the kids, you’ll find endless entertainment for the whole family with a farm stay. Historic and quaint farm stays give you a glimpse into life on a working farm, complete with pastures and farm animals like sheep, pigs or cows, as well as unique experiences like petting zoos or farming demonstrations. The animal adventures keep the kids occupied while you enjoy a relaxing day in peaceful country surrounds. Some farm stays also have seasonal events, such as pumpkin carving, autumn foliage tours and wildflower walks.