Arrange your next holiday with Bruny Island accommodation

Bruny Island boasts some of the most beautifully preserved landscapes in Tasmania. Teeming with unique wildlife and stunning clifftop views, Bruny Island accommodation puts you in the heart of the environment to enjoy once-in-a-lifetime experiences in the wild.

Things to do and see in Bruny Island

From tours of heritage lighthouses to wildlife tours with trained guides, there’s no limit to your experiences in Bruny Island. Whether you’re travelling with kids, as a couple or on your own, you can explore all that Bruny Island has to offer with nearby holiday rentals.

Wildlife experiences for families

Boasting South Bruny National Park and native habitats for wildlife, Bruny Island is the perfect place for animal lovers. Both North and South Bruny are joined by a narrow strip of land called the Neck, which is home to an abundance of unique creatures. You could also enjoy nature walks and birdwatching tours with trained guides to learn more about the native flora and fauna. Best of all, many Bruny Island holiday rentals are immersed in the environment, so you can wake up to the sights and sounds of nature each morning.

Sightseeing for couples

With its towering cliffs that overlook long, sandy beaches, coastal heathland and underwater habitats of seaweed and marine life, Bruny Island is one of the most romantic places for a couple’s retreat. You can spend your days exploring and photographing the picturesque environment, enjoying a boat cruise around the island or sampling local oysters, cheeses and chocolates in the cafes and restaurants. Plenty of romantic holiday homes and cottages are available in Bruny Island as well, boasting such amenities as hot tubs and beach views.

History and heritage for all ages

Bruny Island has a long seafaring heritage with numerous attractions dedicated to its history. You can take a tour of the Cape Bruny Lighthouse and learn more about its important role in the island’s history, or you could visit the Bligh Museum of Pacific Exploration to see nautical artefacts and exhibits.

Features and amenities in Bruny Island holiday rentals

Whether you’re planning a trip with the kids or a solo adventure, Bruny Island holiday rentals boast an array of amenities to make your trip more enjoyable. From extravagant features like private pools to practical amenities like full kitchens and laundry, you’ll have all you need for your trip.

Hot tubs and pools

If you want a change of scenery from the beach, you can book Bruny Island accommodation with private pools or hot tubs. You can enjoy a romantic evening in the cosy water while sipping wine and looking at the stars or let the kids play in the safety of the pool while you relax and socialise.

Beachfront views and beach access

The beach is one of the biggest draws of Bruny Island. Numerous holiday rentals are available with beach access and beachfront views of the pristine sand and turquoise seas. You can spend your day enjoying the sun and surf before returning to your rental and taking in views of the night sky over the ocean while you enjoy dinner or drinks. All of the rentals in Bruny Island are self-contained as well, so you never have to venture far from the beach.

Natural surrounds

From the beachfront with the sand at your door to the bushland with lush forest and an array of wildlife, Bruny Island accommodation puts you in the heart of the natural environment. You can start your morning with a relaxing stroll through the wilderness to glimpse adorable native animals or enjoy a morning dip or yoga session on the sand of the beach.