Plan your holiday with Coles Bay accommodation

With its spectacular beaches, turquoise waters and the backdrop of sheer pink granite mountains over the sea, Coles Bay is a tranquil natural environment that’s perfect for a relaxing holiday in Tasmania. Whether you want to explore the bay by kayak or boat, spend your time wandering in the forests and parks or enjoying the local food and drink, you’ll never run out of things to do near your Coles Bay accommodation.

Nature experiences in Coles Bay

The diverse landscape of Coles Bay is a playground for nature lovers. From thrilling outdoor activities to quiet walks taking in the scenery, you can immerse yourself in the natural environment near your Coles Bay holiday rental.

Unique wildlife excursions

Coles Bay is the ideal base camp to explore the wonders of Freycinet National Park and Wineglass Bay. The park is a haven for rare and endangered wildlife, such as white-breasted sea eagles, red-speckled wallabies and pademelons, On the water, you can take a nature cruise to see frolicking dolphins or peaceful whales. Many of the holiday rentals in Coles Bay are found near the beach or wilderness, allowing you to take in the scenery during your entire trip.

Thrilling outdoor adventures

Coles Bay has a range of options to enjoy nature and wildlife. You can take a sea kayaking trip or boat cruise, try an air tour for aerial views or hop on a quad to explore areas off the beaten path. You can also walk along the beach and rocks of Sleepy Bay near Cape Tourville, or you could simply spend your day on the soft sand enjoying the sounds of the waves. No matter your inclination, holiday accommodation is available throughout Coles Bay to give you easy access to your adventures.

Relaxing culinary tours

Coles Bay has plenty of delicious restaurants and cafes with local produce and fresh-caught seafood in creative recipes. If you want to take it easy on your trip, you can take a food and wine tour to indulge in world-class wines, famous gourmet produce and artisan concoctions. With a self-contained holiday home, you can bring some local ingredients home with you to try an authentic Tasmanian recipe for a quiet evening in.

Accommodation types in Coles Bay

Whether you’re planning a trip with the family, a large group of friends, your spouse or on your own, you’ll find endless options for Coles Bay accommodation. Ranging from spacious and accommodating to cosy and practical, you’ll have all you need for a fun holiday.

Sprawling holiday homes for groups

If you’re travelling with a large group of friends or family, spacious holiday homes are the best option. Boasting multiple bedrooms, bathrooms, play areas, outdoor entertainment space, pools, gardens and more, holiday rentals in Coles Bay have an array of features and amenities to keep everyone comfortable and entertained. You can also find rentals near the beach or town, so you have quick access to sightseeing and exploring.

Stylish apartments for 1

Coles Bay has numerous apartment rentals with studio or 1-bedroom units for solo travellers. Apartments are stylishly decorated and have modern features, such as new kitchens and laundry facilities, as well as community features like pools, fitness centres and more. If you need a space to accommodate more people, but you still want the benefits of an apartment, you can find apartments with multiple bedrooms and large living areas.

Charming cottages for couples

The cottage rentals in Coles Bay are the perfect option for a romantic retreat. Quaint and rustic cottages can be found on the beach or in the forest, giving you spectacular natural scenery, and they boast cosy quarters with amenities like hot tubs, pools and gardens. Cottages are fully self-contained as well, so you never have to leave the comfort of home if you don’t want to.