Your personal Devonport accommodation for a great holiday

The coastal town of Devonport in northern Tasmania, on the edge of the Bass Strait, is a historic town with fascinating maritime lore. One of the most convenient ways to get across Devonport and to the surrounding region is by taking advantage of the Devonport Ferry Terminal, which is also a really nice sightseeing trip. Devonport is home to many historic shipwrecks, and you can find tours that take you to many of these spots. Another fascinating aspect of Devonport is that it's home to a lot of Tasmanian culture and art, which you can experience at the Devonport Regional Gallery. The Mersey River and Bass Straight are not the only opportunities for you to enjoy the natural beauty of the region, as Devonport has picturesque cliffs that many travellers like to view to see the waves crash against the orange hue rocks.

Finding the right Devonport accommodation

To get the most out of your Tasmanian holiday and the lovely town of Devonport, you want to find the right accommodation to suit the type of trip you have planned. For instance, you might be headed to Devonport with a group of friends for a holiday, for a retreat with family or for a romantic couple's getaway. You also need to consider whether you would prefer coastal accommodation or something close to the city centre. You can find a range of styles for your Devonport accommodation as well, from vintage to modern. Whatever your preferences are, Devonport is going to have accommodation that fits the size that you need and the style you want in the location that helps you best enjoy your holiday. That might be a house, an apartment, a townhouse, a guesthouse, a cottage or villa, and whatever it is, it will be your place to relax.

A comfortable holiday house in Devonport

When you let a holiday house, you can enjoy the creature comforts of home while not having the stress of work or everyday life to deal with. Renting a house often means you'll have more spacious accommodation to fit groups of friends or a few extra relatives. You can imagine how peaceful of an evening you could have sipping a glass of water while looking out to the rolling waves of the Straight in one direction and rolling green hills in the other. With a fully equipped kitchen and entertainment areas, a holiday house is the preferred choice of many travellers to Devonport.

Tranquil Devonport coastal cabin

If you are travelling by yourself or with a significant other, you should look into one of the gorgeous coastal cabins in Devonport. The views are unbeatable, as the coast is usually a marvellous mixture of rocks, sand and flora highlighting the immeasurable blue expanse that lines the horizon. Additionally, the rustic feel allows you to appreciate the simpler aspects of life, such as eating breakfast at a wooden picnic table in the early morning sunshine. The cosy setting is a great way to rekindle a romantic spark.

A quality and convenient apartment accommodation

An apartment is a really convenient accommodation for those who are looking for as much excitement and to see as many sites around Devonport as possible. An apartment will afford you a comfortable stay with the modern amenities you expect for a relaxing holiday, but you can use it more as a base of operations rather than it being one of the focal points of your trip. Apartment accommodation is a wonderful complement to your plans, and it might be the ideal way to rejuvenate after a fun-filled day. With 2- and 3-bedroom apartments available, you could save money by renting only 1 accommodation for everyone.

Devonport luxury accommodation

Your holiday to beautiful Devonport with its scenic coastal views and cultural treasures could be enhanced with luxury accommodation. With luxury accommodation, you have a great opportunity to relax in a tranquil environment with all of the comfort and amenities that you deserve on your getaway. You can choose a city-centre location to be close to your favourite restaurant, or, if you prefer, you could grab something by the coast to possibly give you a more secluded feel. You deserve the best possible holiday, and luxury accommodation will give you that.