A classic waterfront town calls to Mallacoota accommodation

Mallacoota is a small, quiet waterfront town located in Victoria's East Gippsland region. During the holidays, visitors flow here to see the sites. The town is popular for boating, fishing, hiking along the coastline, surfing, swimming and birdwatching. From here you can visit small villages like Mallacoota Inlet, take a day trip to the outlying islands, enjoy national parks and nature reserves and even shoot a few rounds of golf. Mallacoota accommodation is ideal for a holiday getaway, whether you're a family or a couple on a romantic excursion.

Try a luxurious apartment near Mallacoota Golf Course

Golfers who want to enjoy a day on the greens can shoot 18 holes at the Mallacoota Golf Course, which offers all the amenities you need, including a clubhouse, pro shop, bar and bistro-style restaurant. You'll find clubs, trolleys and electro carts for hire. A luxurious apartment near the course with 1 bedroom offers a scenic view of the lake and a garden with native plants, fruit trees and herbs. You can enjoy a Moroccan-style design with full kitchen and bath. A car park is available, and you'll even be able to park a boat opposite the property entrance.

Visit the islands from Mallacoota Boat Ramp

Among the more popular reasons to secure Mallacoota accommodation is to take a day trip to visit the local islands, where you can see historic lighthouses and shipwrecks and go snorkelling to view sea life in its natural habitat. A 2-bedroom apartment that sleeps up to 5 is just a few minutes' walk to the Mallacoota Boat Ramp, giving your family easy access to these islands and allowing you to watch the boats and ferries come in over the sunset. You can enjoy boating, fishing, coastal walks or even just sitting along the shores and taking in the gorgeous forested surroundings.

Gabo Island offers a historic lighthouse and serene beaches

A trip from the boat ramp to Gabo Island brings you to 154 hectares of land known for its colony of little penguins and white-faced storm petrels and that has been declared an Important Bird Area. Gabo Island is also the home of a historic lighthouse first erected in the mid-1800s, first as a wooden tower and then as the current structure built of distinctive pink granite, which is still in use today. From your Mallacoota accommodation, you can arrange a lighthouse tour with the caretaker to see a stunning panoramic view over the blue ocean waters.

Visit Tullaberga Island for history and adventure

Tullaberga Island is a small island comprising just about 4 hectares. The island is uninhabited but is the site of a famous ruin, that of the SS Monumental City. The ship ran aground during a run from Sydney to Melbourne, and today visitors come to check out the wreck, which has become a popular site for divers and snorkelling. Your holiday accommodation near the Mallacoota Boat Ramp puts you about a 7-kilometre ferry ride from this famed historic site, where you can see an actual 19th-century shipwreck.

National Parks offer serenity and outdoor adventure

Many people book Mallacoota holiday accommodation to enjoy the scenic natural surroundings available at the region's many national parks. You can walk right along the coastline of the lake, inlet or ocean while surrounded by lush, green rainforest, enjoy panoramic views of the unspoiled ocean waters and view wildlife in its natural habitat. Excursions into the local parklands are popular with cyclists, hikers and couples looking for a quiet and intimate escape from life for a while. In Mallacoota, you'll find houses, apartments and cabins near Croajingolong National Park, Cape Howe Marine National Park and other stunning regions.

Hike the trails at Croajingolong National Park

Croajingolong National Park is over 88,000 hectares of unspoiled coastal land bordered by the Bemm River and the Tasman Sea. It adjoins the Nadgee Nature Reserve and forms one of a very few World Biosphere areas in the country. Here you can find sustainably-managed ecosystems, gene pools and habitats and view species like eastern bristlebirds and pilot birds as well as a range of other significant fauna. Popular sites within the park include the Point Hicks Lighthouse, Tamboon Inlet and the Turra River sand dunes. All of these sites are just a few minutes from cottages and cabins in Mallacoota.

Do some wildlife viewing at Cape Howe Marine National Park

Those who enjoy marine life experiences will want to visit Cape Howe Marine National Park right next to Croajingolong. In this park, just a few minutes from Mallacoota holiday homes, you can explore kelp forests, sandstone and granite reefs, sandy beaches and rocky habitats. The park is known for its diverse range of species, including sea tulips, sponges, sea stars, brittle stars, worms and many others, all of which you can see by snorkelling or diving. If you're lucky, you may even see some Little Penguins. You can reach the park either by boat or from a long and challenging hiking trail.