See the best of Port Phillip Bay from quality Rye accommodation

Rye is a seaside resort town located on the Mornington Peninsula that's rapidly becoming one of the most popular holiday destinations in the Port Phillip Bay area and greater Victoria. With its quaint shops and restaurants as well as its stunning coast, it's easy to see how Rye can cater to a wide variety of travellers. The warm summer temperatures bring the most visitors, but you can enjoy many of Rye's top attractions all year long from a variety of holiday homes including cosy couple's retreats and massive family-size villas.

Where to book your accommodation in Rye, VIC

When it comes to finding the best accommodation in Rye, what makes for the right rental largely depends on what you're expecting from your holiday. A coastal cottage may be preferable for a traveller looking for beachside fun, while accommodation farther inland may be preferable for someone looking to enjoy some peace and quiet. Fortunately, Rye offers a wide variety of accommodation that can meet all sorts of desired holiday experiences.

Booking Rye accommodation by the beach

As Rye is known primarily as a coastal resort town, it should be no surprise that there's always plenty of action to be found on the beach. You'll find soft sands and gentle waters safe for swimming at the shoreline known simply as Rye Beach. Due to the fact that the beach leads into Port Phillip Bay, there aren't any serious waves or strong rips, making it a safe destination even for children. Rye accommodation by the beach tends to take full advantage of the location, with large windows and balconies facing north toward the water so you can enjoy scenic views without having to leave the property. Boating is a popular activity in the bay, and some holiday homes have their own docks along the shore to enjoy a water excursion in a boat of your own or a rented vessel.

Finding a Rye holiday house by the town centre

If you're looking for a quiet and convenient holiday experience, booking a Rye holiday house by the town centre might be the best strategy. In the middle of the peninsula, you'll find a collection of shops and restaurants to enjoy with fewer visitors than at the beach. Plus, when you book your stay near the middle of town, you'll be closer to Rye's southern shore. While it doesn't really work as a beach, it does feature some iconic landmarks like the Dragon's Head, a rock formation jutting from the ground that looks like a giant dragon. Holiday homes in this region can vary quite a bit, from apartments to full-size houses. Either way, you'll find all the conveniences you would expect from luxury accommodation like full kitchens and central heating and cooling.

Top picks for accommodation in Rye, Victoria

Before you start your search for accommodation in Rye, Victoria, it's best to understand the general trends in the area. Before you get caught up in an offered amenity you might enjoy, make sure you're not sacrificing something else for a feature that's actually quite common. An easy way to identify these general trends is to look at the top picks for the area. They include the best and most accessible properties in Rye, and they may even be the perfect accommodation for your desired holiday experience.

Beachside Rye holiday house

If you're looking to book near the beach, this Rye holiday house is just a block from the shore. Inside this rental, you'll find 3 bedrooms with room enough for 8 people to sleep comfortably thanks to the bed setup. The style is notably Old World, with original floorboards and massive wooden window frames for a charming aesthetic. You can even bring your pet along for the trip as the entire property is pet-friendly.

Isolated house Rye accommodation

For travellers looking for some peace and quiet, this isolated house has plenty to offer. It's surrounded by trees and features a relatively large plot of land. Inside, you'll find 3 bedrooms with room for 6 people to sleep comfortably. It's a 3-level house with a strikingly modern design, and it features a fully stocked kitchen. While this property may be isolated, the beach is still within walking distance, as are some of Rye's best shops and restaurants.