As one of the most scenic little towns along the Mornington Peninsula, Somers is a delightful spot for many big-city dwellers looking to relax and enjoy the good life. For many, having a laid-back coastal beach holiday in Somers is the perfect way to let loose and explore the wilder side of the Western Port Bay.

Somers is loaded with outdoor attractions, wildlife and gardens, making it an ideal holiday for anyone who loves nature. Whether you want to hit the bay on a sailboat and go fishing, diving or snorkelling, Somers has the waves to ride, while there are plenty of walking paths to hit if you want to stay planted.

By Matt Pruys

Somers Beach

There are certain things you just have to do while on holiday in the Mornington Peninsula, and lounging around in the sand is usually on the top of the list. Somers Beach is definitely the place in town to relax and enjoy the water, although Somers Beach is not ideal for surfing.

However, if you love to sail, you are in luck, as Somers boasts one of the best yacht clubs around. There are also several events and races that the club puts on each year, so try to plan out your holiday to join in on all of the excitement. The stretch of sand here is also accessible by train and bus, giving you an easy way to enjoy seaside fun while you are in and around your accommodation. The beaches here are also safe for all ages, so don't hesitate to bring the little ones along to play in the sand.

Coolart Wetlands and Homestead

This sprawling historic mansion is one of the main reasons that families love to book their weekend getaways here, as it is full of cute and cuddly wildlife that kids love, including koalas. Grab your walking boots and head toward the woodland paths so that the whole family can enjoy birdwatching and discover one-of-a-kind plants and lounging around on the lawn with a picnic. There are also several older buildings in the homestead that illustrate what life was like for some of Australia's first settlers. If you are an avid horticulturist (or just like beautiful plants), check out the "Introducing Coolart" slideshow that takes place every day in the Wetlands Observatory.

The 27-room mansion located on the grounds is well worth a view or two as well. Erected in 1897, the beautiful home was once home to a pharmaceutical baron, and includes a charming farmhouse, English-style rose gardens fantastic wetlands.

Great Dining Options

While staying here, there is no doubt that you will be working up an appetite, and luckily, Somers boasts several delectable eats that will no doubt give you the sustenance that you need to traverse the woodland and comb through the beaches.

Somers General Store: This great little eatery isn't just a place to pick up the essentials for your accommodation, it's a lovely spot to enjoy breakfast or lunch. This has been a fixture in the community since 1927, and serves up excellent dishes with local produce and cheeses. Life is celebrated at a slower pace here, and during the summer, their takeaway fish and chips are perfect for an outdoor picnic.

Heritage 3059 Restaurant and Bar: If you are a big fan of patio dining, you must make a stop here, as the massive beer garden here is hard to beat. There is live entertainment on Sunday afternoons and there are no frills here: just great wine and beer, a relaxed atmosphere and delicious homestyle dishes that are sure to make your mouth water.