Venture through wine country from a quality Yarra Valley accommodation

If you're looking for an outdoor adventure full of relaxation rather than daring thrills, Yarra Valley may be just the destination. Most widely known as Victoria's oldest wine region, the valley here has a lot more to offer than fermented grapes. In addition to the vineyards and wineries, you'll find scenic views, day spas, art galleries and more delicious food than you could enjoy in several holiday trips. With so much to do, you can bring the whole family along. Finding a spacious accommodation is easy, but there are also rentals perfect for a couple's retreat. While the weather is comfortable year-round, the valley tends to be cooler than most of Victoria, so summer holidays are especially popular.

Where to book your Yarra Valley accommodation

Given the sheer size of the area, you'll have a lot of options when it comes to booking your Yarra Valley accommodation. To make sure you're getting the most out of your holiday experience, you should make sure you're booking your stay in an area that makes it easy to enjoy your top attractions. In the valley, you mostly have the choice between a rental by a town or something more secluded. Whichever you choose, you can be sure there are plenty of options that can facilitate your desired holiday experience.

Finding accommodation in town

Within the Yarra Valley, you'll find quite a few quaint towns and villages. While they're all charming in their own right, Healesville is one of the most popular as it serves as an entryway into the entire region. You don't even have to leave town to see what nature has to offer when you visit Healesville Sanctuary, a local zoo that's home to native species. If you're interested in vibrant gardens, you may want to book your stay in the town of Yarra Glen where you'll find the pristine Alowyn Gardens which are as educational as they are extravagant. Holiday homes in towns come in many different varieties, but you'll typically find houses or cottages. The size can vary, so you may find a couple's retreat right next to a 2- to 3-bedroom home. The closer it is to town, the more likely it is to have amenities like a full kitchen.

Booking a secluded holiday accommodation

Given the expansive landscapes of Yarra Valley, it's a popular destination for visitors looking to get away from city life for the tranquillity that not even a small town can provide. In between the towns and vineyards, you'll find long stretches of secluded green fields and hills with a surprising amount of rentals available. Among these areas, accommodations feature more land with some even being situated on farms. Others are secluded thanks to hills and trees, yet offer accessibility to a nearby town.

Top picks for a luxury accommodation

When you're looking for luxury accommodation, there are several important factors to keep in mind. While location can play a major role in the atmosphere of your holiday experience, the featured amenities are also essential. To get an idea of what the typical amenities for the area are like, you can look through the most popular properties. Not only are these properties widely appealing to the average traveller, but they represent the best and most accessible accommodation Yarra Valley has to offer.

Private house accommodation near Healesville

If you're looking for the convenience of town without having to stay near the town centre, this private house may be ideal. It includes 3 bedrooms with room enough for 6 people to sleep comfortably. Inside, you'll also find a fully equipped kitchen that comes with breakfast items like fruit and cereal. There's a large garden that can offer a taste of the Yarra Valley flora without ever having to leave the property. When you do leave, make sure you take advantage of the free tour of Healesville Sanctuary offered for guests who stay 3 nights or more.

Mountain cottage accommodation

For scenic views you can enjoy without ever leaving your home, this mountain cottage can certainly provide. It's fairly secluded as it's situated on 10 acres of gardens and forest. There's just a single bedroom, so this cottage is best used as a couple's retreat. For added luxury, you can enjoy a wood fireplace, a spa bath and a full kitchen. The nearest vineyard is just 10 minutes away along with the nearest town, so all the provisions you need will always be within reach.