Choose Falls Creek accommodation for a great holiday

The lakeside paradise of Yarrawonga is a popular holiday spot in Victoria to get a taste of the outback and enjoy excursions in nature. If you're visiting Yarrawonga for the first time, a great place to start is at the Yarrawonga Mulwala Visitor Information Centre so you can learn about the region and all the local hotspots. While Yarrawonga is known for its nature parks and opportunities to interact with the great outdoors, there are also many heritage aspects that visitors enjoy, such as the Yarrawonga Mulwala Pioneer Museum. All types of travellers come to Yarrawonga on holiday, including families visiting the Tunzafun amusement park, outdoor enthusiasts wishing to experience the regional [ark and empty-nesters looking to simply relax in their private accommodation or perhaps visit the cuckoo clock museum. Whatever the case may be, Yarrawonga has holiday accommodation that will perfectly suit your particular needs.

The best Yarrawonga accommodation

As you have planned out the various details of your Yarrawonga trip, you know the importance of choosing the right type of holiday letting. Often it may depend on the size of your group and whether you're travelling with friends, family or a significant other, but the location is also very important. You want to be close to the spots you enjoy, but it's also nice to take advantage of seclusion and a tranquil environment. Thankfully, Yarrawonga has all types of accommodation. Lakeside apartments are highly sought after, as are houses within walking distance to the shore. If you're celebrating a special occasion, you might opt for a luxury townhouse or villa. With the wide range of accommodation choices, you can find something that perfectly complements your holiday plans.

An idyllic Yarrawonga luxury townhouse

If you've never experienced a luxury townhouse on your holiday, you should think about it for your Yarrawonga trip. The sights around Yarrawonga are some of the most beautiful that you can find in inland Victoria, especially right on Lake Mulwala. You could rent a luxury townhouse right on the lake, which can also put you within walking distance of the city centre. You can imagine the relaxation possible in a townhouse where all your needs are catered to, with leather couches and poolside service. If you would prefer a bit more privacy, you could try a villa, and you can even find one that's near the golf course.

Convenient and quality apartment accommodation

If you like the convenience of being able to come and go from your holiday letting that's near your preferred attractions and lets you enjoy the kinds of amenities that you're used to at home, then an apartment could be your preferred accommodation. Location is never an issue because there are dozens of apartments to choose from, whether on the lake or in the city centre. The beauty of a holiday in Yarrawonga is that often you can find accommodation that's on the lakefront and near one of your favourite restaurants in town. Furthermore, if you are travelling with friends or family, you can find an apartment letting with a few bedrooms, so you can make sure everyone has plenty of room.

A great Yarrawonga holiday house

Sometimes the best accommodation for your much-needed getaway is one that reminds you of the best aspects of your own home, which is why you may want to opt for a Yarrawonga holiday house. You can have a comfortable and private home that provides you with every opportunity to relax, and one that rejuvenates you so you can get out enjoy the wondrous outdoors. You don't need to be travelling in a large group to rent a house in Yarrawonga, as the extra space can contribute to the peace and tranquillity you seek. In a holiday house, it's easier to feel at home – and you can still enjoy doing what you love, like cooking in the fully equipped kitchen or firing up the barbie on the back deck.

Spacious family accommodation in Yarrawonga

In order to help your family holiday be relaxing, you should look into a spacious holiday house. With the opportunity to rent a home with 4 or even 5-bedrooms, you don't have to worry about your kids arguing over what side of the room is theirs. You can also take advantage of the many pet-friendly options, especially ones that have a private pool. The lake is conveniently nea almost every Yarrawonga stay, but it's also nice to take a dip and splash around in your own pool any time of day.