Amsterdam accommodation offers a unique European cultural experience

Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands and is an important historical and cultural centre in Northern Europe. It's come a long way since its humble origins as a small fishing village, but even today it embraces its long cultural heritage. Here you'll find a range of museums, historic architecture, boutique shops, trendy bars and restaurants, hip nightclubs and monuments to important historical figures such as Anne Frank and Vincent Van Gogh. Your Northern European adventure begins with a rental house, cottage, apartment or other holiday accommodation in Amsterdam.

Begin your cultural trip with Amsterdam's historic museums

Amsterdam is filled with exciting museums, some of which are broad and general in scope, while others are focused on specific historical events or figures. Here you can visit the Heineken Experience and take a tour through one of the original breweries. You can tour the original 17th-century home of the Dutch master painter Rembrandt, visit the Royal Palace or take in the NEMO Science Museum. These are just a few of the historic, educational and wondrous attractions across this historic city. After you settle into your Amsterdam accommodation, the first thing you'll want to do is check out the full range of museums in town.

Visit the Amsterdam Museum for history and wonder

Just minutes from Amsterdam holiday homes in the heart of the city you'll find the Amsterdam Museum. This museum offers a window into the entire history of Amsterdam, from its humble origins as a small fishing village through the role it played in major world wars and all the way to the modern day. Learn about 1,000 years of history, creativity and free-thinking that have become the heart and soul of this European nation, including attractions for adults as well as interactive exhibits for the kids. It's fun for all ages.

Travel to the Amsterdam Diamond Museum for stunning exhibits

Amsterdam has been called the city of diamonds, and the Diamond Museum offers a window into the complete 400-year history of diamonds, a journey that begins hundreds of kilometres beneath the earth and ends around your neck or on your finger. You'll learn about the origin and formation of diamonds, see famous artefacts, see real diamond polishers, learn about the difference between natural and lab-created stones and even see a collection of diamond-studded crowns. It's a wondrous experience that begins a few minutes from Amsterdam accommodation.

See famous paintings at the Van Gogh Museum

Van Gogh is one of the most iconic artists in history, and his own troubled story is as engaging as the art he created. The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, located a few steps from the Diamond Museum, houses one of the largest collections of paintings by the artist in the entire world, alongside his letters, drawings and other exhibits dedicated to his life and works. It's located in his own former house. Not far from Amsterdam holiday rentals, you can learn all about the man himself and the works he produced that changed art forever.

Pay your respects at the Anne Frank House

Anne Frank is, in many ways, the face of the Holocaust. At the heart of Amsterdam is the very house in which Frank and her family hid from the Nazis during World War II and where she composed her famous diary. It's located along the Prinsengracht canal in central Amsterdam and includes a preservation of the hiding place in the original 1740 house, as well as a reconstruction of the original movable bookcase that obscured the entrance to the hidden annex. This museum is among the most visited attractions in Amsterdam, drawing thousands of visitors every year.

Experience shopping and cultural events at Dam Square

Dam Square is a public town square in central Amsterdam and is among the most important and well-known locations not just in the city but in all of the Netherlands. Frequent celebrations, performances and other public events are held here. It's also known for being surrounded by many shops and restaurants. It's an eclectic place, bordered by the city's Red Light District on one side and the Royal Palace on another, and it's next to a 15th-century Gothic church and the Madame Tussauds Amsterdam Wax Museum. Dam Square gives you access to just about everything Amsterdam has to offer.

Trendy eateries and boutique shops await at Jordaan

To experience the best of Amsterdam's bohemian culture, you'll want to visit the narrow streets and canals of the trendy and hip Jordaan neighbourhood. Here you will find independent boutique shops featuring handmade arts, crafts and souvenirs. These are complemented by the stalls at the Noordermarkt square with antiques, organic food, clothes and jewellery. At the Antiques Centre Amsterdam, you'll find vintage paintings and ceramics, and smaller indie art galleries line the street, tucked between quaint cafes and unique attractions like the Amsterdam Cheese Museum. It's all a few minutes from your Amsterdam accommodation.