Your Bali accommodation provides the perfect holiday

For an exquisite holiday surrounded by beaches and tropical botanical life, you should book a Bali accommodation. Bali is an Indonesian island that is a popular holiday destination and is a part of the Lesser Sunda island chain. The natural beauty of Bali is beyond breathtaking, and many travellers visit for rain forest excursions or to snorkel the numerous coral reefs. Also significant are the historic and cultural aspects of the island, like the Taman Werdhi Budaya Art Center. The volcanic peaks and lush rain forests give Bali much of its exotic character, while the island is also surrounded by city beaches that are home to resorts. Golf enthusiasts can look forward to a round at Bali Beach Golf Course. Whether you enjoy a holiday immersed in nature or exploring historical shrines, Bali has accommodation with the amenities that you prefer.

Finding the perfect Bali accommodation

You can find the places to stay in Bali by looking at the sites and destinations you're most interested in and then choosing the right accommodation from there. Bali has hundreds of holiday rentals to choose from, from beach bungalows to luxurious villas, and you are sure to find one that suits your needs. Most holiday accommodation options are near coastal towns, where you have access to the lush countryside in addition to beach views and the excitement of diving in the coral reefs. No matter the number of friends or relatives that you travel with, you can find a letting with enough room for everyone.

Enjoyable Denpasar accommodation

Denpasar accommodation allows you to enjoy the amenities of the largest city in Bali, whether you love shopping or excellent cuisine. With the coast to Denpasar's east and west, you can enjoy fabulous beaches and the popular Lapangan Puputan Badung park area. Whether you want to explore the city centre or just enjoy gorgeous beach views, you can pick a Denpasar accommodation near the exact spots that interest you. Denpasar is also home to numerous ancient shrines, and you could take a short excursion up to the stunning Tegenungan Waterfall.

Lovina Beach accommodation

Lovina Beach is a community on the North Shore of Bali that offers some of the most spectacular coastal views and lush tropical foliage that surrounds beautiful villas. The Dolphin Statue is a famous icon of Lovina Beach, and the beach itself is highly rated. You can also rent a boat and watch dolphins swimming. Lovina Beach accommodation is quite desirable as well, and this private villa would provide an indulgent getaway. The home has an exquisitely designed pool and garden area with outdoor seating and spacious areas to entertain throughout the evening.

A luxury Banyjuwedang villa

Western Bali is a perfect spot for snorkelling and scuba expeditions in the clear, blue water that's teeming with coral and marine life. A Banyuwedang luxury villa will allow you to indulge in the comforts of your private accommodation while staying within walking distance of desirable dive spots. The Banyuwedang Hotspring is where you can find ultimate relaxation soaking in the tropical mineral water and enjoying the lush gardens and intricate statues that perfectly accent the exotic ambience. Many luxury villas have an infinity pool that allows you to enjoy the refreshing water while you gaze at scenic views of the Bali countryside.

A scenic Candidasa accommodation

Candidasa in East Bali is one of the best places to stay due to the ancient heritage sites and mountainous views. Almost any accommodation in Bali allows you breathtaking coastal views, but Candidasa also means you are near Mount Agung, which is a towering volcano and the island's highest peak. Many visitors look for accommodation near the Lotus Lagoon, which is a tranquil spot teeming with exotic fauna and flora. There are numerous historic temples that are enjoyable for their intricately carved statues and unique architecture. You can find the villa that perfectly suits you in Candidasa, whether you book accommodation beachside or countryside.