Get a firsthand look at local history with a quality Queenstown, Tasmania, accommodation

Queenstown is a quaint town in Tasmania located along the western slopes of Mount Owen. Given its location, natural features and scenic views are abundant making it the ideal holiday destination for outdoor adventurers. The town's history is also extensive, so you can see a multitude of historical buildings and museums in town. There are enough accommodation options suitable for all kinds of travellers, so you can find a place to stay whether you're travelling alone or have the whole family with you. The temperature is relatively comfortable all year long, so you can easily fit a Queenstown holiday into your schedule.

Where to book your holiday house in Queenstown

If you want to get the most out of your holiday house in Queenstown, you have to consider where you want it located. While there's something exciting to do all across the area, it's typically better to book your stay closer to your favoured attractions. Finding something by the town centre can be perfect if you're looking to explore local shops, history and restaurants, but something closer to the mountain may be preferable to more outdoorsy types.

Finding town centre holiday homes in Queenstown

Queenstown proper is relatively small, but you'll find no shortage of things to do. You can visit the Eric Thomas Galley Museum where the building itself is historical, dating back to 1897. Inside, you'll find a collection of photos and artefacts detailing the history of this Tasmanian town. There's also an art festival held biannually in town called the Unconformity where you can see a diverse collection of visual and musical works. Even a simple walk along the banks of the Queen River that runs through town can be a relaxing and memorable experience. There are numerous holiday homes in Queenstown to facilitate your adventure from apartments to larger houses, most of which have a full kitchen and central heating and cooling.

Booking a Queenstown accommodation by Mt Owen

For travellers looking for a more outdoor-oriented experience, finding accommodation closer to Mt Owen might be your best bet. Located on the eastern side of town, you'll find yourself surrounded by nature and vegetation that's steadily retaking the area after decades of mining. After journeying through the vibrant landscapes, you'll find yourself by the mountain with its walking trails and scenic views. Holiday homes near this area tend to be more secluded with a bit of land on the property. Large patios and windows are common, yet you can still enjoy luxury amenities like WiFi and a full kitchen in many cases.

Top picks for a holiday house in Queenstown

Before you start your search into finding the best holiday house in Queenstown, it's best to understand the general trends prevalent throughout local accommodation options. This is easily accomplished by looking at the top picks for the area. Not only will they provide valuable insight into standard amenities and features, but you may even find the perfect rental for your desired holiday experience.

Cottage by the town centre

If you're looking for accommodation near the town centre, consider this quaint and colourful cottage. There are 2 bedrooms, but the bedding options leave room for 6 to sleep comfortably with room for a baby. Inside, you'll find a kitchenette and laundry facilities along with the option for a continental breakfast. Outside, you can enjoy the surrounding gardens, outdoor barbie, and proximity to some of Queenstown's top attractions.

High-end holiday villa near Queenstown

For some extra luxury, you can book your stay at this high-end villa, one of the best options for a holiday house near Queenstown. It's perfect as a couple's retreat as there's just a single bedroom with room for 2, but you can also get a cot and high chair on request. There are extra pillows and blankets provided, and you can enjoy electric heating, cooling fans and free WiFi. As if that wasn't enough, this villa is also wheelchair accessible.