Take a load off in Wellington accommodation

If you’re interested in a relaxing holiday in nature, you should plan a trip to Wellington, a tranquil New South Wales community where you can escape from the stresses of city life and relax. The serene community offers a variety of world-class holiday lettings, as well as numerous breathtaking outdoor spots that you'll remember long after your trip has ended. For instance, you can spend an afternoon exploring the cool, rocky Wellington Caves, or you can head over to Lake Burrendong to spend a day floating on the refreshing waters.

Wellington holiday for every traveller

Virtually every traveller can have a great time visiting Wellington. Although the town isn’t as large as some other holiday destinations, it provides a lot to see and do, particularly if you prefer to spend as much time outdoors as possible. Whether you’re visiting the area on your own or bringing along your friends, you’re guaranteed to have the time of your life.

Solo travellers looking for fun

If you have a spirit of adventure, Wellington is an excellent place to visit on your next holiday. Around the city, you’ll find a variety of spots perfect for exploring, including the sprawling Mount Arthur Reserve. When you visit this nature preserve, you'll find several ways to fill your day with fun. For example, you can go trekking through the lush bush and observe exotic animals scurrying through the greenery, or you can hop on the back of your mountain bike to take an invigorating ride on a rocky trail.

Couples in need of romance

If you and your significant other are in need of a romantic retreat, Wellington is the perfect place to reconnect. The area features a variety of attractions ideal for couples, including the scenic Bell River Estate, which is just south of the Wellington Caves. The estate features rolling green lawns where you and your partner can stroll hand-in-hand, and then you can head to the cellar for an intimate wine tasting. If art is more to your liking, you can spend an afternoon touring the world-class Eris Fleming Gallery, which features a stunning collection of outback artwork.

Families who love the outdoors

Wellington is a great spot for families who love to spend time in the outdoors on a holiday. Around the city, you’ll find numerous locations where you can enjoy the fresh air and sunshine, leading to one of the most refreshing and memorable family holidays of your life. For instance, Wellington is nestled between both the Bell and Macquarie rivers, meaning you and your kids can easily spend your entire holiday on the water. You can hop inside a tube and float along the gentle waves or grab a fishing pole and cast your line out from the shore.

Different types of holiday rentals in the Wellington area

In the Wellington area, you’ll find a wide array of lettings where you can enjoy a comfy stay. Whether you want to stay in the city itself or you prefer a rental in nearby Dubbo, there’s a home in the area that will suit you perfectly.

Large houses for multiple people

Wellington is a popular spot for families or groups of friends to go on holiday, and in the city, you’ll find a variety of large houses, including this 4-bedroom, 2-bathroom home, that provide more than enough room for your crew. Not only do these homes provide multiple bedrooms so that everyone can sleep comfortably, but they also offer large living areas so that you and your friends can hang out in the evening and full kitchens so that everyone will be well-fed after a day of exploring nature.

Country cottages surrounded by natural beauty

If you prefer staying in a serene atmosphere so that relaxing will be easier, there are a number of country cottages, such as the pet-friendly Rose Cottage, in the Wellington area that you’re sure to love. Look out the front door of your cottage, and you’ll find rolling green hills for as far as the eye can see, and inside your letting, you’ll notice cosy amenities that will help you unwind. For instance, you can use your kitchenette to brew a pot of tea, and then savour your hot drink while you watch the sun slowly sink below the horizon.

City apartments with room for 1

In Wellington proper, there are countless modern apartments that will more than meet the needs of solo travellers. In the bedroom of your apartment, you’ll find a luxurious bed where you can enjoy a night of uninterrupted sleep, and in the master bath, you may even find a deep tub where you can spend an evening soaking while slowly sipping a glass of wine.