Many enjoy a holiday in Daylesford for the natural spas and heritage sites. One of the popular destinations that you can visit from a cottage accommodation is the Daylesford Museum and Cultural Centre. Daylesford is well accustomed to many visitors during the high season, so you can find great restaurants, interesting destinations and whatever type of accommodation you desire. Many are pet-friendly and others provide a romantic couple’s retreat. Some cottages are large enough for the whole family or for a small group to stay and relax. If you’re in the mood to treat yourself, a luxury or spa-based cottage may be the perfect fit.

Daylesford pet-friendly cottages

For many travellers, a holiday wouldn’t be complete without being able to accommodate the entire family, including your pets, which can be an important part of enjoying the perfect cottage. One option is a rustic cottage that welcomes your furry friends, while you appreciate the quirky, country decor that is reminiscent of a log cabin. A beautiful Japanese-inspired cottage with a great amount of botanical life in the well-landscaped garden is also happy to host pets. If a pet-friendly cottage on the lake sounds ideal to you, then you may enjoy a 3-bedroom accommodation with a country feel and fully modern amenities.

Romantic retreat cottages in Daylesford

If you want to rekindle the romance, a cosy cottage might be the perfect fit. One intimate spot is secluded from other homes with privacy trees and has a lovely indoor sitting area. Similarly, you can enjoy a charming hideaway with an outdoor garden that also gives you views of the nearby lake. A popular romantic retreat has an upstairs bedroom with a spacious bathroom where you can unwind in the relaxing spa tub. A luxurious cottage with a private spa might be ideal for your couples retreat, and you can sit and enjoy the outback from a comfortable couch on the shaded patio.

Family-friendly Daylesford cottages

If you’re looking to find a cottage where the whole family can relax, Daylesford has many great options in town and on the outskirts, and all you could hope to know about Daylesford is available at the Daylesford Regional Visitor Information Centre. If you would like a spectacular view of the rolling countryside, then a 2-bedroom cottage with a manicured garden and outdoor seating is a great choice. Your family can be immersed in nature surrounded by gum trees that attract wildlife of all kinds in an eco-friendly cottage that can sleep up to 8 and has a spacious kitchen.

Luxury cottages to enjoy in Daylesford

Staying in a cottage doesn’t have to mean you can’t appreciate the finer things in life. A luxury accommodation might be exactly what you need for a rejuvenating holiday in Daylesford, such as a spacious 4-bedroom cottage with a wood-burning brick fireplace and a dining room that also has its own fireplace. Another luxurious choice is a French-inspired cottage with a quaint garden and seating area in the back with a leather couch where you can sit and enjoy an evening fire. You may also want to check out a Swiss-style villa that has a comfortable open floor plan and a spa tub on the deck.

Daylesford spa cottages

Daylesford is a well-known spa town, so you may want the same comforts in your holiday retreat like an idyllic bush cottage with a spa tub and amenities to help you relax and meditate. One spa cottage has a cosy wooden deck with a hot tub and relaxing outdoor couches where you can sip an evening glass of wine. You may prefer a 1-bedroom cottage with modern amenities and views of the pristine countryside outside every window.