Starry skies beckon at glamping in Melbourne

If you want a one-of-a-kind holiday in Melbourne, glamping is a great choice. Glamping is short for glamour camping, and it’s a hot trend for travellers who love the idea of sleeping under the stars but who also want their holiday to include creature comforts. While you would normally go glamping in a more rustic area, it’s also possible to enjoy glamping in the heart of a city such as Melbourne. So, after you’ve spent a comfortable night’s sleep in your luxurious tent or yurt, you’ll have convenient access to some of the city’s best amusements, such as strolling around the lush Royal Botanic Gardens or doing a little shopping at one of the many bustling markets.

Who will enjoy Melbourne glamping?

If you’ve never gone glamping before, then you might not realise what makes glamping such a popular holiday option. Virtually any traveller will enjoy a glamping holiday, from families looking for a little fun to couples young and old in need of some quality time.

Adventurous families

Families with kids can have a great time glamping, particularly in a vibrant city such as Melbourne. While glamping, you and your kids will have the fun of sleeping outdoors in a tent while also enjoying modern comforts and access to exciting activities. For instance, glamping tents will usually come with comfortable bedding, which means you won’t have to worry about you or your kids sleeping on the ground, and when you’re in a location such as Melbourne, you can leave your tent and enjoy a world of fun, including viewing the exotic fish at the SEA LIFE Melbourne aquarium.

Couples searching for romance

If you and your significant other have been longing for a romantic holiday, glamping in the Melbourne area is a great choice. Imagine cuddling up with your loved one next to a roaring fire and gazing up at the stars, which is exactly what you can enjoy while glamping. Glamping in Melbourne also means having your choice of a wide range of recreation. After you’ve finished drinking your morning cup of coffee prepared using your camp kitchen, you can head to the nearby Yarra Valley to spend a day touring the many fine wineries and vineyards with your paramour.

Luxury travellers

The great thing about glamping is that it allows you to enjoy the rustic charms of camping while also having access to some luxury amenities that you might expect from a memorable holiday. For example, many glamping accommodations come with en-suite bathrooms that may include bathing facilities, so even if you’re sleeping outdoors, you can still start your morning with a refreshing hot shower. Whether you stay in a tent or a yurt, you’ll also typically have access to premium bedding, including king-size beds in some cases. If you want a bit of luxury on your holiday in nature, there’s no better option than glamping.

Glamping locations in Melbourne

When you’re ready to go glamping in Melbourne, it’s important to choose the right location so that you can have the most enjoyable holiday possible. There are a variety of exciting glamping locations in Melbourne, making it easy to choose the spot that’s right for you.

Rooftop glamping in Melbourne

If you’re the type of traveller who can’t resist a stunning view, then going rooftop glamping in Melbourne is the perfect holiday for you. You can find several locations within the city that offer rooftop glamping, and if you choose this option for your holiday, you’ll be able to go to sleep every night surrounded by the dazzling lights of the city and wake up every morning and see Melbourne come alive beneath you. While you’re rooftop glamping in Melbourne, you may also enjoy a variety of amenities, including a heated tent that will keep away the nighttime chills and a complimentary breakfast.

Garden glamping

For those who want a holiday surrounded by open green spaces and other types of natural beauty, garden glamping in Melbourne can be an excellent choice. As with other locations, while you’re garden glamping you’ll enjoy a few creature comforts such as a well-equipped kitchen and comfortable bedding, making it easier for you to enjoy the outdoors. After you’ve spent a day walking barefoot in the grass, you can come back to your glamping site for some rest and relaxation. You can sit next to the warm glow of the fire and sip on your favourite glass of wine or even indulge your sweet tooth by roasting up a few marshmallows.