Noosa holiday apartments on the beach for fantastic views

As part of the Sunshine Coast, Noosa draws in travellers who want a relaxing holiday and the chance for exciting outdoor adventures. You can choose an apartment at the beach, which is perfect for surfing and other water activities, or a stay near the hills, where you’ll get an amazing bird’s-eye view of Noosa and surrounding areas. You’ll find different types of holiday homes, from chic studio apartments to larger apartments that suit families and groups of friends. Providing most of the amenities you usually have at home, your apartment acts as both a great escape and a home away from home.

Short stay versus long-term Noosa apartments

You should consider the length of your holiday before booking an apartment. Short stay Noosa accommodation can be an excellent choice if you’re staying for just one night or a few days. Most short stay apartments come with stellar amenities, such as a full-sized refrigerator and oven in the kitchen and cable/satellite television. If you’re planning to stay in Noosa for an extended time, long-term apartments are a better option, as you could receive lower monthly rates. Many properties are available to accommodate a long visit, with housekeeping services available in higher-end rentals.

Noosa apartments near Hastings Street

Hastings Street serves as the heart of Noosa with its bustling activity. You can patronise the trendy shops and bookstores, sip a cup of coffee at the open-air cafes and eat out at the upscale restaurants. Many of the holiday homes are fully furnished with sleek, modern furniture and large, comfortable beds. You can book a 2-bedroom apartment that has a balcony overlooking the Noosa River and offers free snorkelling gear and children’s beach toys, or you can enjoy a touch of luxury in a penthouse suite with easy access to a roof deck with chairs to relax in while you sunbathe.

Noosa holiday apartments near attractions

While Hastings Street is a desirable location, other nearby locations also have much to offer. These locales allow you to experience new activities and foods that will make your holiday even more pleasurable. Certain apartments allow pets, but you should check with the owner about restrictions, including the size of your pets and whether they are allowed on furniture.

Noosa Beach accommodation apartments

Surfers like Noosa Beach, as the strong waves make for excellent surfing conditions. Other visitors enjoy the pristine beaches and the chance to spot dolphins in the water. Beachfront properties are available in a variety of architectural styles, from tropical to contemporary. Families can find affordable 3-bedroom apartments with a communal pool to give the kids more swimming opportunities and an outdoor shower to rinse off the sand before going inside the building. Many luxury holiday rentals have an on-site spa where guests can receive soothing massages.

Noosa National Park apartments

Noosa National Park is a popular destination with locals and visitors alike. While walking the trails, you can pass by eucalyptus forests and see koalas and possums. You’ll notice 2-bedroom apartments with a lovely garden and a private deck, and you can also use the shared barbecue on the back patio to grill hamburgers for lunch. Many holiday homes to rent provide complimentary starter packs of coffee, milk and detergent to last you for the first couple days of your stay.

Noosa River holiday apartments

Noosa River remains a favourite with travellers who want to fish, kayak or take a leisurely riverboat cruise. Holiday accommodation gives you a glorious view of the river from the balcony or terrace. This Riverside Noosa apartment not only offers lovely scenery, but a huge flat-screen TV and Blu-ray player to keep guests entertained.

Noosa Hill holiday apartments

As one of the highest points in the region, Noosa Hill gives visitors a great panoramic view of Hastings Street, Noosa Beach and Laguna Bay. For a laid-back holiday in this area, you can choose from several rustic-looking rentals, and couples on a romantic weekend may choose to stay at a more luxurious apartment with polished oak wooden floors and plush chairs and sofas.