Entertaining things to do at home: Arts, crafts, and DIY fun for the whole family

Get creative as a family from the comfort of home with arts, crafts, and DIY fun for everyone.

1. Set a crafty challenge

Gather supplies from around the house — think kitchen paper tubes, cardboard boxes, aluminium foil, cotton wool, paint, glue, and glitter — and set a creative challenge for the family, with a prize for the most inventive creation.

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2. Make Disney®-inspired art and crafts

Add a little magic to your day with Disney®-inspired art ideas, from Toy Story paper plate craft and Dumbo slime, to Frozen paper craft characters.

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3. Learn a new spring craft

Always fancied trying your hand at macramé, knitting, wallpapering, or calligraphy? Now’s your chance. They’re great for bringing the family together, or for catching up on a little me time once the children are in bed.

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4. Create a holiday photo book

Travel back in time to your last family holiday and make a photo book from all your favourite snaps. Add captions, dates, and stories to create the perfect coffee table keepsake, giving you that holiday feeling every time you take a look through.

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5. Set up a science experiment

Do try this at home! Bring the science lab home with fun family experiments that are as exciting as they are educational.

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