Make your #RoadTripPledge today and help regenerate regional Australian towns across 2020

Stayz #RoadTripPledge

Regional Australia has borne a larger impact than most over the last six-months. Starting with the climate fires over summer, followed by the isolation of Covid-19 which restricted all travel into regional towns for months on end. Towns of all sizes have been devastated by this impact. Family businesses have had their livelihoods stripped away. Towns that relied soley on tourism for their income have seen these once buzzing hubs, come to a silent standstill with many small businesses needing to close up shop permanently.

With travel opening back up in some regions across the country, we can all take action and help rebuild regional Australia “together”. The #RoadTripPledge is a powerful regeneration promise, designed to reconnect families with regional Australian towns. Join our Aussie celebrity families who have already taken the pledge and make yours today as we rebuild regional tourism together.

#RoadTripPledge Tips & Tools

#RoadTripPledge Tips & Tricks

Please always check government advisories before booking and travelling.