Can’t-miss Fiji deals for your holiday

If you want to escape to a tropical paradise on your next holiday, there’s almost no better place to visit in the world than Fiji. A series of 300 sun-dappled islands, Fiji is a breathtaking destination filled with high-quality holiday rentals, including affordable lettings that are ideal for budget travellers. After doing some research, you can easily find Fiji holiday deals that can help you save some money on your next trip to the beach. From bungalows to villas to 5-star apartments, there’s a low-cost holiday rental in Fiji that’s sure to meet your needs.

Fiji lettings at a great price

Fiji is one of the top spots in the world to visit if you prefer a holiday spent napping on sunny beaches or swimming in ocean waters that shimmer like diamonds. In addition to its myriad of pristine, world-class beaches, Fiji offers a variety of other unforgettable outdoor attractions, including the Garden of the Sleeping Giant, a manicured park where you can take a stroll along a wooden walkway surrounded by lush native plants and countless species of aromatic orchids.

Holiday homes on the beach

If you want to spend your entire Fiji holiday on the shore, you can choose one of the many budget beach houses in this striking locale. For instance, if you choose a home on the Mamanuca Islands, you can take some time every day to snorkel through the blue waters off the coast that are teeming with schools of rainbow-coloured fish. Then, when you’re done exploring the deep, you can stroll up the beach back to your holiday house to unwind with a fruity cocktail while you watch the waves roll in and out.

Apartments in the heart of town

If you want to enjoy a few modern amenities during your holiday in paradise, you can choose an affordable apartment on the main island of Fiji. Inside your low-cost apartment, you may find world-class amenities such as a wine fridge where you can chill your favourite white wine or a rainfall shower where you can wash away your troubles. Near your apartment complex, you’ll notice some of the most unforgettable landmarks in the area, including the Fiji Museum, which features a collection of ancient artefacts recovered from the surrounding islands as well as a scenic garden where you can take an afternoon walk in the sunshine.

Bungalows at rock-bottom prices

As you might expect from a popular beach destination, the Fiji islands offer a variety of serene bungalows where you can kick back and relax on your next holiday while saving money. Every morning, the fresh ocean breeze will waft through the doors of your bungalow, and at night, you can sit on the porch and stare up into the inky black sky filled with glittering stars. The lounge in your bungalow may include soft furniture so that you can unwind with ease, and in the bedroom, you’ll find premium bedding that makes it easy to get a full 8 hours of sleep.

Check out exciting Fiji holiday deals

Wherever you choose to stay in Fiji, you’ll have your pick of affordable holiday lettings with desirable features. You can find everything from large family homes to small apartments for solo travellers, making it easy to select a rental that fits you.

Rural cottage for your entire family

In this charming, spacious and historical rural cottage, you can enjoy a fun, budget-friendly holiday in Fiji. The cottage sleeps up to 8 people, providing enough room for you, your kids and other family members, and it's surrounded by lush tropical greenery so that you’ll always have a great view. You can quickly enjoy swimming in calm ocean waters or lazing on the beach, thanks to quick access to Saweni Bay, and the cottage is self-contained so that your holiday in Fiji can include some peace and quiet.

Remodelled home with ocean view

Stay in this 2-bedroom home on Taveuni Island, and you can easily forget about the stresses of your life back home, thanks to the stunning location and first-class amenities. The house is just across the way from a pristine beach, so you can spend as much time on the sand as you want, and there is also a covered deck so that you can sit outdoors and listen to the relaxing sounds of an island rainstorm. The property features trees heavy with juicy mangoes, and you can pick these fruits to use in your next homemade meal in the full kitchen that includes brand-new appliances.