Plan an unforgettable farm stay that'll make everyone happy

A farm stay is one of the best options for your next holiday experience if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Not only will you find plenty of peace and tranquility, but you'll find yourself close to plenty of friendly animals. With a farm stay, you may have opportunities for activities like horseback riding and animal feedings available right on the property.

Book a farm stay

Among the various accommodation options you have for your next holiday, a farm stay is one of the most memorable. Not only can you find all the comforts of home, but you can enjoy a unique environment that caters specifically to animal lovers and nature lovers. Farm animals are a part of the experience, though they're housed away from your accommodation.

When you book a farm stay, you can expect a relaxing experience that gets you away from the busyness of the city. Farms represent a more relaxing kind of life, and since you don't have to do any of the hard work, you just get to reap in the benefits with your rental. Consider staying at a farmhouse for your next holiday for a unique kind of experience that you'll enjoy, whether you're embarking on a romantic holiday or a trip with the whole family.

Discover luxury farm stays

While a typical farm stay already has much to offer, luxury farm stays take your experience to the next level. Some people think that farm stays require one to unplug, so to speak, without access to Wi Fi and television, but most rentals include these modern amenities. Luxury farm stays also add features like high-thread-count Egyptian cotton sheets, stunning views, multiple bedrooms and a full kitchen filled with high-end appliances.

While luxury farm stays may be a bit more expensive than other rentals, you'll find plenty of great deals available. In fact, luxury farmhouses tend to be more affordable than similarly luxurious urban apartments or luxury beach houses. Farm stays are lesser-known accommodation options, so there aren't as many people competing for a rental. For you, that means a unique luxury experience is available on a budget and a wider range of options.

Book one of the farm stays with a pool

Farm stays tend to be defined by their seclusion, tranquil nature and adorable animals, but you can find far more than that with some farmhouse options. You can find farm stays with a pool, which gives you the benefit of a private swimming spot in the centre of a fun-filled farm. Plus, kids tend to love having a pool to swim and play after a day of animal fun and farm chores, so it's especially useful if you're going on holiday with the entire family.

When your farm stay has its own pool, you may be treated with other high-end amenities. Full kitchens are common in farmhouses with pool access, and you may find one that has a private hot tub to relax after a long day's adventure. Plus, hot tubs and pools make for a more romantic experience if you're looking for a farm stay with your partner or time to yourself after the kids go to sleep.

Find pet-friendly farm stays

There are already animals at farm stays, so what's one more? Many farmhouse rentals are dog friendly, because they're not exactly shy about having animals on and near the property. Whether you're travelling with the family or just with your pup, finding a farmhouse that's dog friendly is about as easy as finding any kind of farmhouse rental at all.

While many farm stays are welcoming to dogs, it's common for there to be strict rules. Often, dogs will have to stay in a particular area inside the rental itself along with some designated spots outside. The purpose of this is to avoid them interacting with other animals there. Even if your dog is extremely well-behaved, the property owners prefer to simply play it safe most of the time. Even so, the designated spot for your dog is still large, and may even offer more space than the backyard or fenced area of a typical holiday rental.

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